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Many schools, enterprises, manufacturers and a variety of sports and other institutions will find usBadge customizationHigh quality badge customization not only hand quality is good, give a person is a bright feeling, then we have multiple badge customization process, a variety of types of badges, paint, enamel and so on, many institutions do not know how to choose, so today we will briefly introduce the characteristics of the paint badge customization.

Badge customization

1. Make the materials

Paint badges can be made of copper, iron, zinc alloy, etc., among which the iron paint badges are cheap and fine. If the badge customization needs to consider the budget, choose iron paint badges are the most appropriate!

2. Badge color

Paint badges are bright in color, clear and bright in line, strong in metal texture, and slightly cheaper than imitation enamel badges and enamel badges, is a good choice in the production of badges.

3. Badge protection

The surface of the paint badge will be coated with a layer of transparent protective resin (Polly), the surface will be bright and smooth after the drop of glue (note that because of the light refraction, the badge will be bright after the drop of glue); The surface of the paint badge without drops of glue has an obvious concave and convex sense, like this badge texture can choose not to add drops of glue.

4. The badge has a temperature change effect

Paint badges with enamel and imitation enamel high temperature resistance characteristics are different, paint high temperature resistance performance in general, they will produce discoloration after heat, but after a period of time can basically restore to the original state.

5. Wear resistance is normal

Lacquers do not wear well because they have a smooth surface, so scratches in use will leave marks on the panel. This is also one of the main ways to distinguish lacquered badges from enamel badges and imitation enamel badges.

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