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We usually see the Olympic Games, the school sports games, and even many enterprises in the factory issued awards badges, are recorded in a brilliant history, with not only a sense of honor is a responsibility, so many badges customized, have their own meaning and purpose, some play a role in promotion, some symbolize a person’s overall temperament, So today we’re going to look at enterprisesBadge customizationThe significance of

Badge customization

1, can promote the corporate image

Enterprise custom badge can be a good help to promote their corporate image. Because customized badges can be printed on the company’s LOGO and patterns, through gifts, exhibitions and other ways to spread the corporate image, culture, will better deepen the corporate brand in the mind of users.

2. It has certain collection and commemorative value

Customized metal badges are generally made of gold, silver, copper, alloy and other materials, equipped with supporting packaging can be used as ornaments, and also have the value of investment collection.

3. The production cycle of commemorative medallions is short

Badge customization After both parties determine the material, size, design and other issues of the product and the contract, the production period only needs about 10-15 days, depending on the production requirements of the product.

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