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metalBadge customizationIt is made of metal materials according to your requirements, and the size and appearance need to be prepared by you. So we have a few things to tell you about the size and the wearer.

Badge customization

One, about the size

Generally, the customized size of metal badges needs to be set comprehensively according to the purpose and design drawing. It is more appropriate to wear 20-25mm badges on the chest. The size is calculated according to the diameter of the longest side, and the circular badges are the diameter size. When the metal badge is customized, the actual operation possibility and price can be considered. But the size of the badge directly affects the price, the bigger the badge, the higher the price. Because the cost of materials is more, the work time is longer. Of course, it is not the smaller the cheaper, the size is too small, the design pattern is relatively complex, it is more difficult to do, and even some design can not be practical operation, like this case, the price is relatively high. So in the badge customization to consider the size of the problem, find the right cost.

Two, about wearing

Most badges are worn on the left chest, but some conference badges are worn on the collar of the suit, and the armband and collar badge have relatively fixed positions. When wearing the badge, pay attention to the size and weight of the badge. If the badge is large or heavy, it is required to add a puncture needle to prevent the badge from falling off. Some small and light badges can be affixed with magnets to avoid leaving puncture holes on the clothes. Wear badges and pay attention to the color of the clothing match. When pregnant women and children wear badges, try to use the magnetic patch accessory puncture needle to avoid skin injury.

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