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Metal MEDALS in a word, making raw materials is fundamental to making metal MEDALS. In a word, it is necessary to have a certain precise positioning and selection from the manufacturing of raw materials. In other words, it is dominated by stainless steel plate, copper, titanium plate and 8K. So let’s look at it todayMedal customizationA few criteria.

Medal customization

Such as in recent years widely popular and aluminum alloy plate etching processing, screen printing ink. The production price of metal MEDALS, product quotation completely depends on the total number of MEDALS, volume, raw materials and non-processing technology. In a word, advertising plaque in accordance with ten thousand square meters, portable in my opinion by the density and non-total billing.

Including its organic chemical acid etching and metal etching processing as the leading, plus screen printing ink and its hardware stamping and complex supporting facilities processing technology. Sanding, sanding, electroplating process electroplating and unique surface processing.

The advantages of three-dimensional metal MEDALS practical significance: medal custom manufacturers produce in my opinion crystal crafts, crystal trophies MEDALS commemorative metal MEDALS MEDALS exercise MEDALS MEDALS, sulfur glass MEDALS luxury high-grade gifts style, specifications and models can be customized according to customer demand design scheme.

Can be carved or sandblasted on your company in other words, the company LOGO. Amethyst metal MEDALS are customised for detailed information. This product is suitable for administrative organs, enterprise groups, enterprise units, folk associations, financial institutions and colleges and award ceremonies.

For more information, please call our IMK Gifts hotline at 0086-769-81919693. IMK custom with creative design, quality manufacturing as the core competitiveness, based on customer needs to continue to extend the service chain, the industry first 360° Customized mode, and create a professional design and development, raw material procurement, after-sales service team, complete coverage of all links of service needs, to provide customers with the entire supply chain and consulting services, to meet the personalized customization needs of customers.

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