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A high-quality badge, all aspects of the finish must be perfect, including a lot of big procedures, soBadge customizationOut of beautiful drift, light is not smooth, good texture is not good, basically by polishing this link to decide. Today we will focus on an important detail in polishing.

Badge customization

1, medium and hard twine wheel, six and seven turns of line, specially enamel badge, copper paint badge, and copper uncolored products!

2, pine wheel, professional for three-dimensional products and radian products, also pay attention to small details of products, and small letter products, because with hard wheel polishing, details will paste together, which will affect the beauty of the product!

3, hard hemp wheel, the whole wheel line is dense, specially throw iron, and iron products, metal surface products, because iron is hard! Toss it with the hard hemp wheel first!

4, cloth wheel, of course, this wheel is relatively soft, the product after polishing the hemp wheel will have a cast mark, with the cloth wheel gently wipe, make the surface of the product mirror, so that the product glossiness will be better, so the cloth wheel is also an essential step!

IMK Gifts focuses on the customization of high-quality badges and MEDALS with different textures. IMK is committed to providing one-stop customization services for customers. From creative design to production and manufacturing, IMK provides you with customization of badges and MEDALS and other products with deeply involved service mode. Welcome to consult us.

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