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Difference one:
Different materials
True enamel is commonly used in red copper, which is resistant to high temperature and contains more than 95% copper, because true enamel is the crushed and ground enamel glaze, applied on copper or silver objects, after 850° C On the surface of high temperature fired metal, its characteristics are: lasting color, can be kept for one hundred years without discoloration, the price is relatively expensive.

Real enamel badge

Imitation enamel commonly used bronze, zinc alloy more, because imitation enamel for high temperature requirements are not so high, with a color paste, the process is similar to real enamel, the surface can be gold-plated, silver plated and other metal colors, smooth and delicate, giving a person a very noble feeling, and the price is cheaper than real enamel, is the first choice for high-end badge production.

Imitation enamel badge

Difference two:
Different colors
True enamel: Dull luster, few choices. Real enamel uses natural mineral powder, which is limited in color and less in relation to the selected color.
Imitation enamel: high gloss, pantone color. Imitation enamel is a kind of color paste, there are many colors to choose, the customer provides Pantone color number, we can make it.

Difference three:
Difference in hardness
True enamel: Hard, with hard or sharp things scratch is not easy to cut and scratch, so tend to collect.
Enamel: soft, scratched with a hard or sharp object, easily cut and scratched, often used as a gift.

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