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As is known to all, badges are worn on the body to express identity and occupation. With the continuous progress of social economy, some handicraft badges have become an integral part of modern life. As long as you pay attention to them in daily life, you will find a large number of badges, such as souvenir badges of various scenic spots in tourism, metal badges on cars, and gold, silver and bronze MEDALS awarded after winning competitions. Today, let’s take a look at the major processes of badge customization.

Step 1: Drawing and modeling. A product can’t be made without requirements. The same goes for a craft badge. The manufacturer receives an order, which describes the shape, color, material, etc. they need for the badge customization. The manufacturer then makes a drawing, and after receiving the customer’s approval, the product is modeled.

Step two: Engraving, after the modeling, followed by engraving, need to use a professional machine, engraved on a piece of cylindrical metal.

Step three: stamping, this step has a certain risk, because this step is to put a metal strip (copper at most, but also zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc.) on the mold made in step two, stamping, pressing the metal strip into the shape of the product, if the operation is improper, it is likely to cause dangerous accidents.

Step four: grinding, the product taken from the metal strip is just a piece of the most original metal, not only no bright color, itself is also very rough, at this time, it is necessary to polish him. Grinding can also be done in a variety of ways, such as shaking a large number of products to rub them against each other to achieve a grinding effect, or using a mechanical or file for fine grinding.

Step five: color, this step has many branches, according to the needs of customers, different processes. There are paint, imitation enamel, etc., as well as simple badges with lines that skip this step. Before the painting is done, there is plating, a coating of other metals, including gold plating, nickel plating, copper plating, bronze plating.

Step six: assembly parts, this step of the branch is the most in the whole production process, including welding needle, butterfly cap, tape, magnet, or stitching with cloth, and metal ring connection, etc., a wide variety of.

Step 7: Packaging. At this stage, an arts and crafts badge is completed. On the left, as long as the bag with the right size is wrapped, it can be packed and sent to the customer. Here are just a few to show you

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