Some considerations when designing the badge LAPEL PIN badge factory

Badge DesignThe fineness is directly related to the quality of the badge produced. It can be said that badge design is the source of badge life. In the early days, most badges were designed by hand, so the accuracy was not high. With the more and more widely used computer, badge design by computer has replaced the early manual way, and the design patterns are more exquisite and diverse.Badge DesignThe following three issues need attention.


Badge design software. Badge design computer software generally has coredraw, illustrator and other vector drawing software, if you want 3D effect, you can also use 3D MAX software, the color is generally the international standard pantone(Pantone color) as the standard.


Badge design and badge craft. Badge designers have to know exactly what they want, there are many different types of badges, and different types of badges often use different badge techniques. For example, if you want to design an enamel badge, but if you want to design a complicated badge with gradients, that’s not going to work. You have to use a printed badge technique. The more common printing badge process is flat printing, screen printing, offset printing, etc., in badge design, we should take full account of the different process characteristics, what type of badge you want, and then what kind of design, so that not only can save a lot of badge production costs, but also can make a satisfactory badge. In addition, in badge design, also pay attention to some lines should not be too thin, because in the actual badge production, often because the lines between the lines are too narrow to fill in the color, at the same time in the design to make these lines into metal color.


In addition, the back of the badge design also needs to pay attention to the problem. When it comes to badge design, often people only think of the front of the badge design, in fact, a perfect badge, its back design is also perfect. So, when designing a badge, don’t neglect the design on the back of the badge.

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