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If the school hascrestBasically, in the selection of materials now, in the case of batch processing, brass red copper and other less expensive materials are mainly used. Of course, in certain cases, the product material can be changed according to the customer’s requirements. How should we choose the appropriate material for the schoolThe badgeWhat about production?



1. Economic requirements.

In fact, the reason why people make school badges will choose non-precious metal materials, often because the annual order demand is relatively large. If we choose relatively expensive materials, it is also a large cost for the school. It is also in this context that more and more schools are choosing non-precious metals.


2. A description of the production process.

In the process of selecting the school emblem materials, we mainly follow the following production methods. First, we ask the designer to carry out the general practical operation for us according to the style we choose, especially in the process of bulk ordering, we need to make molds. Therefore, we need to make certain templates for reference in the processing of original materials. It’s a relatively important step. In addition, in the process of post-processing, this step can also help us find out whether there are any design deficiencies, and it will not be replaced after all customization. If it is for the nature of some awards, of course, it is also possible to choose relatively expensive processing materials.

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