What is the process of customizing badges? LAPEL PIN badge factory

Out of the millions of microbadges, how do you customize the one that works for you? A small badge bearing our memories and nostalgia, hanging on our chest often see, seems to go back to the past, think of the original walk hand in hand with the days, so how should we chooseEnterprise customized badgeA proper coinage company? Next, we will learn about IMK gifts together.


1. The most important thing for us is to find a custom factory or company for the badge. According to our budget, confirm the materials, process and payment for the badge you want to make


2. Send the patterns we made to the factory for drawing, they will make corresponding production drawings for our reference, and make second changes according to our requirements;

3. After confirming the production drawing of the badge customization factory, they will start to mold and make samples (generally, mold fees should be paid first) and make samples;

4. After the sample is confirmed, mass production, mass production and packaging are started, among which packaging cost is also required.

5, express to our hands, custom micro chapter recommendationDongguan IMK Gifts Co., LTD, no matter from the service attitude or after-sales service have people know the reputation, integrity as the first

Brand, service home to provide you with the most reliable arm, how to customize the enterprise badge, is so simple.

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