Custom Medal production process -IMK gift LAPEL PIN badge factory

MEDALS and badgesAs a symbol of status and status, each medallion goes through nine standard manufacturing processes.MEDALS and badgesThe version of the need to go through the mold engraving, die casting; The surface of the badge will be polished, electroplated, silver, nickel and so on to achieve electroplating effect; And in order to make sureMEDALS and badgesThe pattern has the characteristics of concave and convex, we will carry out painting, UV printing, assembly, sewing and other ways to make the whole medal badge more rich.



First, mold engraving

After the preliminary design of the medal and badge drawings, we used CDR to import the engraving machine program to edit the knife path for the mold engraving.

In the process of engraving, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the knife grain. After engraving, compare the mold according to the drawing to see if there is any missing. Finally, the mold is heat treated to strengthen the hardness and durability of the mold.


Two, pattern die casting

The heattreated mold is installed on the punching machine or hydraulic press workbench, and the pattern is transferred to the corresponding copper, patch, silver and other badge making materials. After completion, use the knife mold that has been made in the shape of the badge to wash the medal badge down in the punch press.


Three, surface polishing

Badge surface polishing, to remove the appearance of the stamped burr to improve the smoothness of the badge surface.


Four, electroplating treatment

Electroplating is one of the most used surface treatment processes in production, you can choose different plating processes such as gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating and antique gold plating according to customer’s customized requirements.


Five, painting color

The metal parts that have just been polished and electroplated are only the most primitive metal, without a variety of bright colors. According to the different customized needs of customers, we can choose different manufacturing processes such as lacquer, enamel and anti-enamel.


Vi. UV printing

UV printing is through ultraviolet drying to cure the printing surface containing photosensitizer ink, so as to form a layer of highly sensitive and artistic bright film on the surface of the printing; The surface is raised, and has the elasticity, can better highlight the graphic part of the fine level and graphic outline.


7. Assemble accessories

After the completion of the overall production of the medal badge, it is also necessary to solder the back of the product to the standard parts of the badge, or solder the needle, bow, helmet, magnet and other parts as required by the customer.


Eight, sewing ribbon

According to the requirements of customers, through the sewing process to make different colors into ribbons.


Ix. Gift box packaging

Packaging is generally divided into ordinary packaging (plastic bags) and midgrade packaging (such as wooden gift boxes, gold boxes, etc.), according to the requirements of customers and MEDALS and badges appear on the occasion of packaging operation.

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