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The production of PVC dolls will always encounter various problems? How to solve these problems? Next upIMK GiftsXiaobian will take you to understand.



In production,PVC action figureThe head or hands and feet often occur and are easily twisted from the neck position where the body is connected. In addition to design and material problems, injection molding problems are also a very important reason. Sometimes in the same set of molds, there are several identical injection molding parts, some twisting, some easy to break. Even if it is the same cavity injection molding parts, there will be sometimes continuous torsion, sometimes easy to break. Therefore, injection molding technology and production control become quite important.

In the production process, the first thing to ensure that the melt has enough temperature, and should be appropriate to apply the back pressure of the foot and melt time, so that the melt mature and have good liquidity. Otherwise, it is unmelted glue, enough to make the connection easy to break.

Secondly, as long as the product structure allows, try to increase the transition Angle of the connection, preferably R1.0mm or larger, so that when the melt passes through the corner, there will be no skin caused swirls. At the same time, increasing the transition fillet prevents stress concentration and increases the tensile strength of the joint.

The third is to control the injection speed, which is the most critical point. When adjusting the machine, a lower speed must be used so that the molten liquid flows smoothly from the end of the mushroom to the cavities of the head or hands and feet. Crust is caused by a sudden change in volume and vortices as the melt flows from the small end to the large end. Therefore, reducing the gluing speed can reduce the energy generated by the vortex. In addition, due to the good transition Angle, the glue smoothly passes through the connection without creating eddy currents, thus achieving the goal of eliminating skin.

However, if you continue to shoot at a slow speed, it will certainly lead to inaccuracies. Therefore, the second stage of accelerated injection must begin immediately after the glue flows through the joint.

In addition, in production, there are often many identical injection molded parts in a set of molds. This is usually the case, and another problem is caused by inconsistent injection rates in each cavity. Therefore, when producing several identical injection parts in the same set of molds, the injection speed of each cavity must be adjusted to achieve balance, to ensure that the injection speed and starting point of each cavity can be consistent, thus achieving the goal of simultaneously eliminating skin.

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