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Today, games, animation and film and television are in a period of rapid development, especially in recent years, the development speed is even faster, and this kind of game players are often the important customers of the purchase of mobile office. The expansion of this group makes mobile office customization have a larger market, and the market is constantly expanding. However, the customized industry has not achieved its position matching with the market of film and television, games and animation industry.



Manual customization is a kind of small volume, high precision custom crafts. Based on characters from movies, games and anime, it has its own unique collectible value. The handmade customization industry has been greatly developed in Japan, the United States and other countries, and is an important part of the peripheral derivatives of the Japanese animation and television industry, with relatively considerable market and profit.

In China, although the film and television, games and animation industries have made great progress, as an important link in the industrial chain, the domestic manual customization market has fallen behind the development of the entire entertainment industry. The manual customization industry has just become popular, but it is insufficient in both quality and quantity. On the other hand, there are some sales markets and consumer groups in our manual customization industry. Therefore, the development prospects of the manual customization industry are very broad and promising. The current stage is just in the embryonic stage, although there are growing pains, but the manual customization manufacturers are more opportunities and challenges!

IMK GiftsCommitted to providing customers with one-stop customized services, from creative design to manufacturing, with deep intervention service mode to provide you with hand-made customization, fully meet the requirements of customers in all walks of life, with excellent quality, the customer praise, reliable.

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