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You’ve all heard of badges and MEDALS, but do you know how to tell the difference between the two? If you don’t understand, followBadge customization manufacturerTake a look, and don’t be so stupid again about badges and MEDALS.


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1. Badges and MEDALS are defined differently

Badges worn on the body are used to express identity and career signs, the origin of which can be traced back to the totem signs of clans and tribes in primitive society.

A medal is a badge or mark of honor given to a person for meritorious service. The purpose is to recognize and highlight the recipient’s contributions, including sporting, military, scientific, academic or other significant and special merit or achievement. For the recipient, it is a symbol of honor.

2. Badges and MEDALS represent different types

Badges are symbols worn on the body to express identity, occupation and honor. The categories include: The National emblem, the Party emblem, the Regiment emblem, the team emblem, the police emblem, the military emblem, the army emblem, the navy emblem, the Air force emblem, the urban management emblem, the forestry emblem, the quarantine emblem, the public Anhui, the Women’s Federation emblem, the hospital emblem, the judicial emblem, the tax emblem, the punishment emblem, the court emblem, the procuratorate emblem, the road emblem, the CPPCC emblem, the industry and commerce emblem, the people’s mediation emblem, the sterling silver commemorative medal, the medal, the new industry and commerce emblem, the new Public Anhui emblem, etc.

MEDALS have the function of awarding merit, and are very different in nature from badges. Different countries have different MEDALS. For example, China has the Medal of the Republic, the Medal of Friendship, the August 1st Medal, the Red Star Medal of Meritorious Service, etc. Germany has the Iron Cross, the Melee Medal, the Assault Medal, the War Wound Medal, etc. Russia has the Order of Lenin, the Gold Star, the Order of St. Andrew, the Order of Defender of Free Russia, etc.; The United States has the Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

3. The manufacturing process of badges and MEDALS is different

Badge production process has a variety of processes, copper paint, iron paint, enamel, imitation enamel, stamping, some other badge process: bite plate, screen printing, plate printing, die-cast badge, offset printing, 3D stereo effect and so on.

The craft of the medal is not as varied as that of the badge, which is also related to its own definition and function.

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