What should we pay attention to when customizing the key chain LAPEL PIN badge factory

Nowadays, a variety of promotional gifts can be said to be multifarious. It is not easy to choose a gift that can satisfy yourself and customers in a wide variety of promotional gifts. If you are still in doubt, take a lookKey ringGift bar, it belongs to the daily necessities, almost no one will dislike it, and will often see, price at all levels, and not easy to damage, if soKey ringGifts to promotional activities, the future response effect is imaginable.



If you decide to customizeKey ringBecause of the first contact with this kind of key chain gift, do not know how to be the most appropriate, then Xiaobian for you to prepare a series of information from the material to the appearance, to help you easily understand.

First of all, the most important point, since the promotion, you must be able to print their own promotional content of the key chain, can not print LOGO products are meaningless.

Secondly, what should we pay attention to customization of key chain?


1. Material quality

Key chain products are generally the use of zinc alloy and iron ring combination, such product material price is lower, better plasticity, is the best choice for customized key chain gifts, but also the current domestic many key chain manufacturers of the first choice of material, the number of use more than 90%.


2. Die casting quality

Key chain gifts are generally made of die casting machine, die casting machine is dead, the mold is alive, a product is good or bad 95% by mold,5% by die casting technology, die casting things to see whether the end face, end quality, scratches, edge collapse, collapse Angle and so on meet their requirements. After the die casting, the product should be installed in combination. Some key rings and parts should be installed to see whether they are firmly attached and whether the edge is smooth and smooth.


3. Surface quality

The surface quality of the product is mainly reflected in the color and electroplating. The color of the electroplating is determined by itself, such as imitation gold, ancient bronze, nickel, chromium and other metals. Different colors have different standards. The color part of the product is very important. This part is usually the LOGO part required by us. We should also look at the color difference and whether the decorative pattern is natural and smooth.


4. Main size

The size of key chain products should be paid attention to, because if the size is not right, customers will feel how to look at the product, or bring a lot of inconvenience to users in the process of use.

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