The common type of metal key chain LAPEL PIN badge factory

Key ring, also known as key ring, key chain, etc. Key chain production materials for metal, leather, plastic, PVC, wood and so on.Key ringSmall and delicate, with ever-changing shapes, people carry around everyday items. A key chain is a decorative item that hangs from a key ring. Matching the key with your favorite key chain can not only show your personal mood and personality, but also show your taste and bring yourself a happy mood. There are many shapes of key chains, such as cartoon characters, car models, car logo and so on. The material is generally made of copper, aluminum, PVC, plastic and so on. Now it is mainly zinc alloy with nickel plating, gold plating and other stainless elements. The key chain has become a fashionable small gift.

Below I will introduce you to the more common types of key rings on the market.


1. Car tag key chain.

It is mainly a fine gift given to customers by sales promotion in 4S stores. Is also the owner of the necessary car supplies, car accessories, personalized fashion supplies.


2. Commemorative keychains

Like the more famous 2008 Olympic Games souvenirs. There is a Fuwa key chain. It is mainly used to commemorate some important moments or people.


3. Crystal key rings

Design initially, may consider the hardware type of key chain cold face cool shape. Then I thought of using crystal and cast steel material and production process, exquisite

Durable, very popular with young friends. Even when summer comes, there is a refreshing feeling in the body.


4. Flash key rings.

The flash keychain is made from a highlighted LED bulb on one side with PU leather. Full of the novelty of science and technology, fully meet the children’s curiosity about science and technology.


A small key chain, which also has this people towards the good life, diversified development direction. After reading the above introduction you should be able to customize some key rings printed with a proprietary LOGO or advertising slogan. Is it also a good way to promote the company and the individual?

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