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Badge customizationAs the name suggests, we will customize exquisite badges with our own requirements and ideas through OEM. In the actual implementation, you will find that it is much simpler than your imagination. IMK Gifts is a professional manufacturer of customized badges, MEDALS, and other metal/soft glue craft gifts. A professional team can make the badge customization process less cumbersome. So today we look at the characteristics of different badge customization processes?

Badge customization

1. Stamping metal badge customization: Stamping process is a method of metal processing. Is the use of mold in the press will metal badge process, this kind of forming process in the cold state is called cold stamping, short for stamping.

2. Enamel metal badge customization: enamel, also known as “ Eg. Fran? , & other French blue. , is based on mineral silicon, lead Dan, borax, feldspar, quartz and other raw materials according to the appropriate proportion of mixed, respectively add a variety of colored metal oxide, after roasting and grinding into powdered color, and then according to the different methods of its enamel process, filling or painting on the metal as a tire of the body, after baking and burning to become enamel metal badge.

3 paint metal badge custom: paint process is an emerging spray painting process. The method is to sand the metal to a rough substrate (usually a high-density sheet) and spray several coats of paint. And by high temperature baking set. At present, the process has higher requirements for paint and good color rendering.

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