Which badge customizations need to add drops of glue? -IMK Gift LAPEL PIN badge factory

Adding glue is to add a layer of transparent resin on the surface of the badge, used to protect the badge, beautiful badge, is a common process in the badge production process. So, what badges do you need to add glue to, and what badges don’tBadge customizationTo determine the process of:

Badge customization

Print badge customization needs to add glue: it is used to protect the pattern on the surface of the badge. Common printed badges include screen printing and plate printing, which are collectively referred to as glue badge or plastic badge.

Enamel badges, imitation enamel badges do not need to add glue: badges into the enamel paste, after polishing, the surface becomes smooth and strong, generally the color will not drop lightly.

Paint badges generally do not need to add drops of glue: paint badges are characterized by a strong sense of line, and there is no concave and convex feeling after the drop of glue.

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