The mountains and the sea reflect the Tianshan Mountains, together build dreams to the future. Shenzhen Lions Club went to Xinjiang to help students

Read special client · Shenzhen News on June 15, 2022 (Jingbao reporter Wei Gege correspondent Wang Xiaoying) thousands of miles away, Yin Shanhai. From June 1st to 10th, the Central District Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club, together with eight service teams from the main club, Changchang Club, Pengcheng Club, Pingshan Club, Zhongtian Club, Liangtong Club and Jingtian Club, traveled thousands of miles to Yili Region of Xinjiang Province to carry out a donation activity with the theme of “Donation for education warms people’s hearts and unites the hearts of ethnic groups”.

Shenzhen Lions Club 2021-2022 Supervisor Tian Xingxing, former President Xiao Xingping, Deputy Secretary General Li Li, Secretary General Zhou Zhihui, Executive Chairman Zhang Xuwen of China Lions Foundation Shenzhen Committee, Executive Chairman Chen Qiufen of System Construction and Law Committee, Executive Chairman Sun Jinghai of Deep Lions Public Welfare Football Club, captains Li Qing and Liu Yumin of each service team, former captains Xu Ningning, Vice captains Xie Zhouling, Chen Xiaobin, Liu Da, Qi Tao, Bao Lihua, Zhu Xuan, former captains Ma Wei and Huang Shifeng, secretaries Wang Xiaoying and Wu Yiying, finance Wang Xin, Zhu Qingqing, He Guimei, lion friend You Yifeng and other 49 people participated in the activity. This activity was organized by You Yifeng as the general coordinator, Zhang Xuwen and Li Qing as the deputy general coordinator, Xiao Xingping, Tian Xingxing, Zhou Zhihui and Chen Qiufen as the consultants, Wang Xiangbo as the chairman, Sun Jinghai and Guo Qiang as the executive chairman.

At this event, The Shenzhen Lions Club donated 4,400 books, 445 sets of uniforms and 445 books to seven schools in Yining County, Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, including the Baishtun School (Primary school), the 70th middle School and Kindergarten of the Fourth Agricultural Division, the first middle School of the 66th Agricultural Division, the 78th Middle School of the Fourth Agricultural Division, the 76th Middle School of the Fourth Agricultural Division, and the 79th Middle School of the Fourth Agricultural Division (Wangzhen Red Army Primary School) Bags, 445 sets of school supplies, 10 sets of drinking water equipment, 1 set of campus broadcast system, 236 sports supplies, 177 pieces of music equipment, 105 pieces of calligraphy supplies, as well as school supplies, student computers, desks and chairs and other materials, the total investment service funds of 653341.01 yuan. In addition, Shenzhen Tianquan Air Water Intelligent Technology Co., LTD donated 3 air fountains, valued at 56,000 yuan.

Warm support for students, build students’ dreams

On the morning of June 1, “Donating money for education warms people’s hearts and unites the hearts of all ethnic groups” charity donation ceremony was held at the Party Building Information Activity Center of the 70th Regiment of the fourth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (Central Regiment field). Zhang Jianwei, deputy mayor of Kekedala City of the 4th Division, Zhao Yuming, superintendent of Education Bureau of the 4th Division, and Huang Weili, Party Secretary and political commissar of the 73rd Regiment of the 4th Division, attended the event. The teachers and students representatives of the recipient school and the Lions of Shenzhen Lions Club gathered together to celebrate the “61” International Children’s Day. The donation ceremony was presided over by Mr. Zhou Zhihui, Secretary-General of the Supervisory Board of Shenzhen Lions Club, and Mr. Pan Kun, teacher of the No. 2 Middle School of the 70th League of Division 4.

At the donation ceremony, Zhang Jianwei introduced the teaching situation of local primary and secondary schools and thanked the Shenzhen Lions Club for their loving donation to solve the problem of the shortage of teaching supplies for the school. He said that in recent years, the lions of the Shenzhen Lions Club have traveled thousands of miles to care for the development of frontier students and promote national unity, and have done a lot of effective work, which has been well received by local students, parents and the society, demonstrating the responsibility of Shenzhen people to “be grateful for the reform and opening up, and repay the people of the whole country”, and explaining the great love and deep feeling of helping the silent mountains and seas.

Li Qing sent a message to the students with “three hearts”, hoping that the students will always have a heart of gratitude, always have a heart of enterprise, always have an optimistic heart, aim high, unremitting self-improvement, and return to the society with excellent results.

You Yifeng said that it is the social responsibility and obligation of entrepreneurs to do something tangible for the society while developing their enterprises. As a lion friend, she will take this activity as an opportunity to continue to pay attention to the development of the school in her hometown and the healthy growth of her classmates through practical actions.

Afterwards, the principal of the recipient school and the student representatives gave speeches of thanks respectively. The students also performed the sign language dance “Grateful for You” and the Xinjiang dance to express their gratitude. Ethnic minority students presented the lion friends with small hats representing the unity of the ethnic family.

According to Neptune, goodwill creates harmony and love inherits virtue. In the future, he will continue to do more public welfare, and make positive contributions to the society in various fields such as helping students and the disabled, poverty alleviation and community services.

On the playground of the 2nd Middle School of the 70th Regiment of the 4th Division of Bishtun, singing and dancing were like the tide and laughing like songs. Students dressed in new school uniforms, performance costumes and sports clothes donated by the Shenzhen Lions Club participated in the Children’s Day art show. Qiu Hongping, the principal of the No. 2 Middle School of the 70th League of the 4th Division, told the reporter that the school is located in the remote area and there are more than 400 students of all different groups. After preliminary research and arrangement, the Shenzhen Lions Club has learned about the school’s material needs and donated a lot of practical and urgently needed goods to the school, which makes the students deeply encouraged.

Gather sand into a tower, practical help practice the original heart

From Yining City, it takes about four hours to drive 350 kilometers to Nelek County, which was once a national-level poverty-stricken county. As far as the eye can see, the Tangbula prairie is green with grass and distant mountains. The middle school of the Seventy-ninth Regiment of the Fourth Agricultural Division (Wang Zhen Red Army Primary School) is located in the “Hundred Mile Gallery” of the Tangbula Prairie.

With the original intention of “thanking the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps for its great historical contribution and inheriting its revolutionary spirit”, and with the support of all parties, the Seventy-ninth Regiment Middle School (Wang Zhen Red Army Primary School) was built in the eastern mountainous area, solving the schooling problems of local students from 18 ethnic groups.

“I am very happy to receive the donated instruments such as hulusi, clarinet, harmonica and Dongbula from the Shenzhen Lions Club. These instruments are very practical and of good quality, which is very helpful to cultivate students’ interest in music and improve children’s musical literacy.” Zhang Wei, music teacher of the seventy-ninth Regiment Middle School of the Fourth Agricultural Division (Wang Zhen Red Army Primary School), could not hide her joy. She picked up a piece of fenugreek with exquisite patterns and impromptu played some classic songs such as “Fengwei Bamboo in the Moonlight”.

At the event, Xiao Xingping said that education plays a vital role in the development of every person and every business. As an old lion friend, she has witnessed the Shenzhen Lions Club’s continuous attention and support to education for 20 years. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to all the Lions for their sincere efforts.

Xie Zhuling expressed the hope that the teachers and students who received the gift could pass the love together with the Shenzhen Lions Club with practical actions and create a better future together. She also hopes to continue to hand in hand with the lion friends, the determination to do good deeds together and the original heart into the past mountains and rivers, into the road of help day and night.

South China Sea water run Kunlun, Nanling green Gobi. The flight of 49 lions and their relatives lasted more than 10 hours, covering more than 5,000 kilometers and driving five or six hours to each place. This journey was just one of thousands of times that the Shenzhen Lions Club has crossed the mountains and oceans since its establishment in April 2002.

In this united and harmonious border region of the Western Regions, living and working in peace and contentment and enjoying a sound ecological environment, a beautiful picture of Xinjiang is unfolding with increasing prosperity and progress. The members of the Shenzhen Lions Club who participated in the activity said that the trip to Xinjiang was not only a donation activity, but also a spiritual baptism. During the trip, looking at the clear and pure eyes of the students and feeling the sincere and sincere feelings of the people of all ethnic groups, we deeply realized that to do a good job in public welfare and charity, we should not only donate money, but also have a sincere and ardent kindness.

Since its establishment, from the shores of the South China Sea to the snowy Plateau, from the land of Bagui to the frontier beyond the frontier, the Shenzhen Lions Club has participated in poverty alleviation, donation for students, assistance for the elderly and the disabled, and disaster relief throughout the country. The Lion friends who participated in this activity also called on all walks of life to act together and express their gratitude to the society through donations, love and dedication, so that everyone can contribute to public welfare and everyone can do good!

The mountains and the sea reflect the Tianshan Mountains, and the Shenzhen Lions Club went to Xinjiang to help students

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