Zhenhua Service Team: The Sixth Regular Meeting of 2021-2022 – Business Activities – News Feed – Lions Club of Shenzhen, China

On December 16, 2021, the sixth Regular Meeting of the Zhenhua Service Team of LIONS Club of Shenzhen, China (2021-2022) was held at No. 9 Fishing Port, Bagualing, Futian District. Zhenhua Service team captain Liao Qihui, the first vice captain Lin Chunsheng, the team leader Dong Haoqing, former captain Liu Haiqing, picket Yang Haijun and 15 people attended the meeting. Liu Quanshi and Wei Demin from Zhenhua Service team attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Zhaoyan.

At the regular meeting, Captain Liao Qihui made a summary and review of the Wuhua student education activities at the end of November. Zhenhua Service Team has been continuously carried out in Wuhua County, Meizhou City for seven years and has achieved fruitful results. The principal, teachers and children of the local contact school highly recognized the activity of “Little hands holding hands, reading a book together”.

Dong Hao Detoxifying team leader introduced that Zhenhua service team will send a batch of office furniture, three air conditioners, a batch of fans and file cabinets, reading MATS and other supplies to Wuhua Mountain schools recently. In April, the Zhenhua Service team will go to Huishui County, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, to carry out a series of public welfare education projects of “holding hands and reading a book together”.

Chen Xiongbin introduced the donation of books to Zhenhua Service team by Shenzhen Jianyan CNC Center, China.

Chen Boyi, Yang Haijun and other Lion friends made speeches one after another. They all said that they would actively participate in the regular meetings and service activities of the service team, adhere to the spirit of “four out”, and strive to practice the purpose of “We serve”.

Conference chairman Zhang Zhaoyan made a summary of the meeting and rang the bell adjourned. Best wishes to all lions in the Year of the Tiger 2022!

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By Dong Haoqing

Photo/Zhang Zhaoyan

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