Hongya Service Team: hold the 12th captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2019-2020

On June 12, 2020, the 12th captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Hongya Service Team for 2019-2020 was held at 35f, Shenzhen Bay Venture Capital Building, Nanshan District. 18 participants attended the me桃花源记eting, including Tang Quameeting腾讯会议nhui, chairman of The 8th District of The Shenzhen Lions Club and founding team leahongyadteams会议er of hong Ya Service, Zhao Nianzhen, executmeetingtencentcomive chairman of the Women's Groteamowth Committee, Yao Chen, former team leader Xu Yuanhu, li Li, Tang Yong, Yang Yongguang aservice的名词nd Zheng Xinxin. Hong Ya service team director Lion frregular反义词iend Chen Zong, Di Wang service team captain Yuaregularizationn Juan, Lin MAO service thold的过去形式eam captainmeeting怎么读英语 Liao Jinyanservice是什么故障灯, Xin Xing service team second vice captain Meng Chun and other guests attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Hong and Xie Bin and presided over by Tang Quanhui.



At the team meeting, everyone focused on the transition processmeeting是什么意思 and preparatory work arregularly意思中文翻译rangement of the service team. They were full ofregularly expectations for the inauguration ceremony.

Atcaptain缩写 the regular meeting, Capteamprotainhold的过去式和过去分词 Yao Chen reviewed his work this year. With the support of all the lion friends, Yao Chen has led the Hongya Service Team tomeeting actively participate in the five projects of the district Council, such as helping the disabled, caring for sanitation workers, Helping by Your Side, Bright Action, Red Action, and mental health projects, which have achieved remarkable results. She spoke highly of the responsibility and solidarity of all lion friends during the epidemic, especially for the leadership of Tang Quanhui and the support of Hu Dianjun and o红眼病ther lhold的过去式和过去分词ion friends.

Before the meeting, Zhao Yanping published the annual financial revenue and expenditure report to the members, and madehold键是什么功能 detailed remarks on each expenditure and expenditure. Thanks to all lion friends foregularly意思中文翻译r abidinholderg by the financicaptain缩写al system. At the meeting, entrusted by Zhao Yanping, Xie Bin madecaptainonthebridge a report on the balance of paymentregularizations again. Lion friends expressed themeeting翻译ir pride of "Hongya is not short of money" with warm applause.

Chen zong spoke highly of hongya Service team's standard service and high quality service. He praised Captain Yao Chen as the star leader of this year and praised hongya Service team for goholding from excellent to excellent. Hong Ya Service team lion friends are encouraged!

Team members Ycaptain音标uan Juan and Liao Jinyan shcaptainonthebridgeared their deep friendship with Yao Chen on the charity road this year. They paid tribute to yao Chen's great love and dedication to hong Ya Service Team.

Inservice是什么意思 the interactive communmeeting腾讯会议ication session, lion friends sh童话故事ared their experience ameeting腾讯会议nd peteam是什么意思翻译rcepservice和serve的区别tion of lion road, and their humorous speeches brought the atmosphere to a climax one after another.

Special红颜杀 thankmeetings to Mr. Bin shiyou for pservicemanroviding the venue, flowers, fruit snacks and exquisite little robo桃花源记t hand giftsmeeting是什么意思 for the rthinegular meeting. Thanks to Chen Hong for comservice是什么意思中文翻译ing all the way from Shanghai to organize the meeting. His unteamviewerique hosting style excited and deligmeetingyou是什么意思hted the audience.

The team leader yao Chen is appointed for one year, and his "four tregular反义词rips" has influenced every member of the hongya Service Team. Tteam什么意思h桃花源记翻译e team leader Li Li's "3+1 love arcaptain怎么读ound" service idea in 2020-2021 has filled everyone with expectation. Mingde Wei Xin, Hong Ya Shan Mei! Lion friends of Hong Ya Serviceservice是什么意思 team, we wish to help others and serve the smeetingtencentcomociety together for the rest of our livesteamviewer.


Photo/Shenzhen Lion News Agency reporter Zhao Nianzhencaptaindark

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