Right Path Service Team: The Fifth Regular Meeting of 2021-2022 – Business Activities – News Feed – Lions Club Shenzhen, China

On November 28, 2021, the fifth regular Meeting of the 2021-2022 Regular Meeting of the Main Road Service Team of LIONS Club Shenzhen was successfully held in Sanying Hot Spring Hotel, Zengcheng City, Guangzhou. The meeting was attended by 27 people, including Chen Gang, Chairman of the 15th Division of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Zhang Aiming, Captain of the Main Road Service Team, He Yajun, Second Captain Tang Junjie, third Captain Liu Jun, former Captain Li Xuegang, Secretary Zhu Wenwen and General Manager Zhang Zhihui. Guests Zeng Wenliang, Zhang Miaoyun and Huang Xiaoqiong attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Liu Jun, Executive Chairman by Mr. Zhang Zhihui and presided over by Mr. He Yajun.



Deng Junjie, the second vice captain of the road service team in October to respect the elderly service activities summary. The “We All Grow Old, We All Respect the Aged” campaign has been successfully held for ten years. It has not only become a traditional service project of the Zhengdao Service Team, but also deeply rooted the image of the Shenzhen Lions Club serving the society in Jiuwei Community, Hangcheng Street, Baoan District. He was especially grateful to Mr. Zeng Wenliang who volunteered to help. He not only followed up the whole process of shooting, but also gave free framed photos to the old people. The old man was very moved! He also expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Lions who worked hard and seriously in the service activities for the elderly. Thanks to the Lions’ efforts, the “wonderful story of Ten years of Respect for the Elderly” of the Zhengdao Service team was created.


Sister Liang Yuhui made a summary of the “Building Dream Angel” activity; Brother Wang Yanshi made a report on the student aid project in Inner Mongolia; Secretary Zhu Wenwen made a supplementary speech on the project; Brother Liu Junshi, a member of the Red Action project, made a report on the progress of the activity; Brother Deng Junjie proposed to carry out the 5-player football field renovation project of Sanbei Guojing School in Huzhen, Lufeng City, with a funding gap of 50,000 yuan. We hope you can give us valuable suggestions.


Afterwards, former Captain Li Xuegang did the lion service training of “How to do a good job in service Project”. In a lively, rigorous and meticulous style, he explained the definition, norms and key points of public service in detail. The Lions at the meeting said that they gained a lot.


Chairman Chen Gang, who had just driven more than 170 kilometers from the other activities of the Shenzhen Lions Club, said that the Zhengdao Service Team was his “home” and the place he felt most close to. He suggested that everyone try their best to attend the training on December 5th in the District Council to have a deeper understanding of the Shenzhen Lions Club, so as to do a better job of lion service in a more standardized and effective way.


Captain Zhang Aiming summed up the speech, in December, Zhengdao Service team will carry out Shaanxi special children care project, “Red Action”, “Dream Angel” and other service activities, I hope you lions to actively participate in.


Subsequently, the meeting passed the proposal on the development of Shantou and Inner Mongolia student programs and decided the exclusive LOGO of Zhengdao Service team service projects.

After the meeting, the expansion game “Prison Break” officially began. The team spirit of never giving up during the activity reflected the spirit of mutual help and love, hand in hand and love of lions, as well as the firm belief of the team to serve the society as always.


Text/Photo Courtesy of the Official Road Service Team

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