Notice on construction of Guide Lion Support Service Team

Service Teams:

The Shenzhen Lions Club has been established20Looking back over the past year, the Shenzhen Lions Club has achieved fruitful results. The establishment and development of the service team are inseparable from the support and company of Guide Lion. After years of efforts, the Lion Guide Corps has organized a number of excellent lion guides to play a guiding role in the construction of the service team.

In order to further promote the construction of the service team, the Guiding Lion Corps has launched the initiative of Guiding Lion Support Service Team. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:

I. Application Method

1.The service teams may apply to the Lion Guide Corps for one-time or long-term support based on actual needs.

2.To apply for lion guide, the service team should fill in the attached application form (see the attachment for details) and submit it to the email address of the Lion Guide Team one week in To facilitate arrangements for the lion guide corps.

3. Guide the lionWill actively assist the area Chair, Area Chair and Service team Leader team to carry out relevant work.

2. Contact Person

Regional Coordination: Lion Guide Corps (GMT)Head Ouyang Fan, Tel:13322939993

Zone 1   Zhu Daoying Deputy Head of Mission Tel:13602628111

Zone 2   Zhen Yongqian Deputy Head of Mission Tel:13925296038

Zone 3   li It is Deputy Head of Mission Tel:13924638614

Zone 4   qi ying Deputy Head of Mission Tel:13808851697

Zone 5   fee jung Deputy Head of Mission Tel:13058009808

Zone 6   Chickering Deputy Head of Mission Tel:13302469158


We hope that all relevant service teams can take action and unite Lions Friends through our joint efforts to build our service team into a more outstanding team and join hands to realize our original aspiration of public welfare!


The attachment: Application Form for Guiding Lions Support Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club

       Notice on construction of Guide Lion Support Service Team news 图1张Shenzhen Lions Guiding Lions Support Service Team Application Form.docx


Shenzhen Lions Club Guided Lion Troupe(GMT)

2022yearsOn September8,

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