“Remember the beginning of the moral world” — Mingde Service team held 2021

On September 26, 2021, the 2020-2021 Tribute Ceremony and 2021-2022 Inauguration Ceremony of the Mingde Service Team of Lions Club of Shenzhen, China was held in the Banquet Hall of Zoling Harbor, Futian District. The Second Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, Nie Xiangdong, Deputy Chief Supervisor, Deng Yi, Chief Financial Officer, Xu Qiubin, Deputy Secretary General, Wen Yaoli, Chairman of Zone 3, Li Xiaofeng, Chairman of Zone 3, Tang Xue Yong, Yu Xiaoping, Zhang Wei, Guo Liang, Zhu Hongwei, Zheng Bochao, Lu Guiqin, Secretary General of the Board of Supervisors, Zhou Zhihui, Supervisor Yu Hui, Wu Zhijian, Mentor Cao Yan, etc. The Lions and their families of the Mingde Service Team, representatives of the service teams and people of love attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Zhang Feng and presided over by Fang Shilei and Meng Chun.




Liu Jun, the captain of Mingde Service team, introduced the leaders and guests and expressed warm welcome and thanks to them.


The chairman of the conference, Zhang Feng, gave a welcome speech. He thanked the leaders of the Lions, the Lions and the guests for coming to witness the growth of the Mingde Service Team with everyone, and celebrated the 6th birthday of the Mingde Service team. He wished the lions all the best and the lions prosperity.


Huang Yongjian, the last captain of the last year’s work summary, under the correct leadership of the district, under the support of the district and the service team, under the joint efforts of all the lion friends, Mingde service team actively carried out activities, has been well received by the community.


We made a financial report and introduced in detail the revenue and expenditure of service funds and administrative funds of Mingde Service team in the past year. She was highly recognized for her meticulous and clear financial work.


In the awarding process, Huang Yongjian, the last team leader, commended the excellent Lions from 2020 to 2021 and issued a certificate of appreciation for their support and dedication.

Afterwards, all the members of the Mingde service team came to the stage in turn and presented flowers and ribbons to the last captain Huang Yongjian to thank him for his silent dedication leading everyone in the past year. The captain of the Friends team also presented a gift to Captain Wong Yongjian to pay tribute to his efforts over the past year.

In the witness of the lion friends, the last captain of Huang Yongjian will be ribbons and scepter solemnly to Captain Zhang Wenqing, I believe that Mingde service team under the leadership of Captain Zhang Wenqing, will hit a new high. Huang Yongjian and Zhang Wenqing encourage and bless each other, let the love continue to pass on.

Captain Zhang Wenqing delivered a speech, showed the annual work plan and annual target to all the Lionfriends, and issued a letter of appointment to the new team members of the captain, looking forward to the Lionfriends working together, united as one, to make greater contribution to the development of public welfare!


President Li Xiaofeng led the members of the team leader to read the inaugural speech of the team leader.

Five new members of the Mingde Service Team took the stage to read the pledge. Welcome new members Lin Aiping, Wu Ling, Gao Wei, Zhou Xiaochen, Zhang Dayu to join. Wish them to join the Lions public welfare organization, for the society, for the public good, for love.


Mr. Nie Xiangdong, the second vice president of the Shenzhen Lions Club of China, gave a speech. He fully affirmed the development and service of the Mingde Service Team since its establishment six years ago, put forward better suggestions for the future development of the service team, and expressed his encouragement and expectations for the Mingde Service Team.


Amid screams and cheers, Cao Yanmai, the gold auctioneer of the Shenzhen Lions Club in China, kicked off the charity auction with a lithe jazz dance. Ms. Cao Yan auctioned with a hammer, and the guests and lions enthusiastically held up signs. The atmosphere was hot. Luo Yirong from Mingde Service team won the first piece of Spanish ham with 23,000 yuan and presented it to all the lions. Thank you for coming. A total of 342,000 yuan was raised.


Mingde service team second vice captain Li Changgui to thank the speech, the scene applause, this is a passion is also a peripheral light to illuminate all people.


Mr. Zhang Feng, chairman of the meeting, rang the bell and the 2020-2021 Tribute Ceremony and Inauguration Ceremony of the Lions Club Mingde Service Team of Shenzhen, China was completed.


Wen/Zhang Wenqing

Photo/Zhang Feng

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