The Shensi Public Welfare Football Aid Students Innovative Service Seminar Salon was successfully held – District Club News – News Update – Shenzhen Lions Club, China

On September 27, 2022, an innovative service seminar salon and football support for the disabled activity was successfully held in Aihang Rainbow Inn, the “Lion Friends Post station” at the end of Dapeng Stadium, with the purpose of responding to and implementing this year’s theme of “Going New”.

Speech by former President Dai Tongxin 2.jpg

This activity was jointly initiated by China Shenzhen Lions Charity Football Club, Student Service Committee and Lion Love Football Service Team, assisted by Zone 17 of the Sixth Zone. The activity aims to implement the theme concept of “Going New” this year through the discussion and promotion of the innovative service methods and successful examples of the charity football students to help the disabled, so as to celebrate the innovative good deeds. Peng Hui, Chairman of the General Assembly, Dai Tongxin, former President of Shenzhen Lions Club, Zhou Wenpei, Secretary-General, Zhang Zheqin, Deputy Secretary-General, Wu Zhijian, Chairman of Zone 6, Li Wei, Chairman of Zone 17, Zang Wei, Chairman of Student Services Committee, Wang Xiangyun, Huang Yaowu, Executive Chairmen of Public Welfare Football Club, Guo Liang, Wang Xuebo and other Lions, Zeng Guanqiang, the president of the Choushi Love Football Service Team, Yu Yiyi, the chief supervisor of the Municipal Deaf Association, Chen Xiangyun, the vice chairman of the Guangming District Federation of Trade Unions, and more than 40 professional coaches of the public welfare football club jointly attended the activity. Peng Hui served as the chairman of the conference, Zeng Guanqiang, the captain of the Lions Love Football Service Team, as the overall coordinator, and Gao Ling, the founding chairman of the charity Football Club and the founding captain of the Lions Love Football Service team, presided over the event.

Chairman Peng Hui rang the bell for the meeting

The highlight of this seminar is that the organizer invited two extraordinary motivational ambassadors, who are also the care and help objects and partners of the ShensI charity football for the disabled, to be the focal point of the event. One is Mr. Zeng Zhaoheng, director of Municipal Deaf Association and vice chairman of Baoan District Deaf Association. He said that he was very happy to be invited to the event and asked the host to tell his life story and his relationship with football and the Shenzhen Lions Club. Seven months after he was born, he became completely deaf and mute due to illness. He learned how to read mouth movements and pronunciation through his own efforts, and then successfully enrolled in ordinary primary and middle schools and graduated successfully. Later, he became a teacher in Maoming Gospel Special Education School in his hometown. After moving to Shenzhen, China in 2018, he joined the Shenzhen Deaf Association of China and continued to make contributions to the cause of the deaf. Because of his special interest in football, he joined the Shenzhen Deaf Football Team and founded the first deaf fan club in Shenzhen, China. He often organized deaf people to go to the home stadium in Shenzhen, China to watch football and cheer for the team. Media outlets such as China’s Shenzhen Football Club and China’s Shenzhen Evening News have reported on his inspirational story. He especially thanked the Shenzhen Lions Club of China and the Shenzhen Lions Football Team for their long-term support and care for deaf people. In particular, the “Dream of a Happy World and a Ball to Be Found”, a 10-stage football training camp for disabled children, children with disabilities and Little Lions, was held last year to provide free professional football training for deaf children, which deeply touched deaf people. Another excellent representative of the disabled is He Yiyi, who is known by the public as the “miracle boy” and the “king of one-legged ball”. He came to the meeting specially from Guangzhou and took to the stage with his crutches to share his inspirational story for everyone, which made everyone SOB and sigh: Born in Shanwei, Guangdong Province, He Yiyi is 26 years old. He has loved football since he was a child and has a high talent for football. In 2006, he was selected to the Shenzhen Football Club team at the age of 10. On the eve of leaving the country, he was diagnosed with a malignant osteosarcoma in his left leg. A year later, he was forced to have his leg amputated. However, the strong He Yiyi did not give in to the fate. With his love for football and perseverance, he finally created a magic after hard training: in 2009, he returned to the football field with his crutches, ran like a fly with one leg and played with able-bodied people, and often scored wonderful goals. He has used 56 pairs of crutches in 13 years. He Yiyi not only realized his dream in football, but also was selected to the Guangdong Provincial Paralympic Federation Athletics Team in 2012 with excellent athletic talent and ability. His inspiration and achievements have moved the society and been covered by various media, and he has now become a motivational Internet celebrity with 3 million followers. He Yiyi expressed his sincere gratitude to the Shenzhen Lions Club for their care and support over the years. In 2017, the English Premier League club West Ham United invited him to visit their home stadium in London. It was the Shenzhen Lions Club that sponsored the trip to help him realize his dream. In 2019, he was hired as the inspirational love ambassador of “Lions Love Sunshine and Dream Green”, a large-scale public welfare football aid program of Shenzhen Lions Club, China. In April 2021, he was invited to play the opening performance in the 2021 “Stop at the Best” New Year Charity Gala of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, and was cared by Dong Xiu, Secretary of the Party Committee and director General of Shenzhen Disabled Persons Federation of China; This year, he signed a contract with the sports team of the Shenzhen Municipal Paralympic Federation of China to officially become a disabled athlete and will represent Shenzhen in the long jump and other events of the Provincial Paralympic Games in Qingyuan in November. He said he would strive with a grateful heart to win MEDALS and honors for Shenzhen, China. Finally, he ended his story sharing with a motto that he is living out in life: “Fate has kissed me with pain, but I have answered it with song!”

Zeng Zhaoheng and deaf fans will be elegant

He Yiyi inspirational style

He Yiyi won the long jump at the Para Games

He Yiyi was selected for the Shenzhen Team in China at the age of 10 before his amputation

His sharing aroused heartfelt applause from all the participants. The lions and guests were moved by his inspirational deeds and gratitude and expressed their opinions and suggestions on the charity football aid program for the disabled.

Participants enthusiastically shared.jpg

Zeng Guanqiang, the captain of Lions Love Football Service team, said that this year, the service team will cooperate with other service teams and public welfare football clubs to launch an innovative service project combining football aid with the disabled. That is, “Dream Building Magic – Lions Love Youth” — He Yiyi, the ambassador of Lions Club Shenzhen, will participate in a series of motivational speech football interactive activities in primary and secondary schools. Support Ho Yiyi to inspire young students to live up to their youth with his inspiring deeds and wonderful football skills.

Lion Love football captain Zeng Guanqiang's speech

Ku Lihua, captain of the High-tech Service team, was the first to respond and show her support. She introduced the large-scale public welfare football education service project jointly carried out by the High-tech Service team and the Lion Love Football Service Team this year — the donation of professional seven-a-side football field and playground for the Second Primary School of Huayang Town, Wuhua County, Meizhou City, with a total service fund of 500,000 yuan. She invited Ho Yiyi to be the Ambassador of Inspirational Love on 11 November, when he will go to the Five Huawei Lions Love Football Field for the completion of the unveiling. He will give a motivational speech and a charity football training and exhibition match for the children.

High-tech team captain Gu Lihua introduced the donation of the stadium

The founding chairman of the Charity Football Club, Gao Ling, the executive chairmen, Guo Liang and Wang Xuebo have expressed their strong support for this project, and will continue to carry out the “Dream Yuan Luyin ▪ Ball Access” – the disabled children, family children with disabilities and little Lions disabled health integrated charity football training camp project this year. We hope that all service teams can join in the support. President Wang promised to donate 200 Disney umbrellas with a total value of 10,000 yuan to the training camp as gifts for the children.

Zang Wei, Chairman of the Committee, and Wang Xiangyun and Huang Yaowu, executive chairmen of the Committee, said that as one of the initiators of this seminar, the committee will strongly support the innovative characteristic education service of football education.

Speech by Zang Wei, President of the Committee for Financial Education

Zang Wei, Chairman of the Board of Students' Education, Wang Xiangyun, Huang Yaowu.jpg

Chairman Li Wei and Chairman Wu Zhijian respectively expressed their strong support for the innovative activities of football students. They hoped that the Lion Love Football Service team could carry out more joint services with other service teams in the area. Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Zheqin said he would donate 2,000 yuan to support the club’s activities.

Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Zheqin delivered a speech to donate 2,000 yuan

Secretary General Zhou Wenpei, as the representative of the business unit of the LIONS Club in Shenzhen, China, praised the high efficiency, pragmatism and professionalism of the special working organizations and service teams in their service activities. Lions Club is a positive public welfare organization with strong vitality. He humbly said that as the new Secretary-General, he would learn more about the lion culture in the activities of the Lions Club and better serve the organization and all the Lions. He said the district will strongly support activities such as football aid for students and the disabled.

Secretary-general Zhou Wenpei guidance speech 3.jpg

Dai Tongxin thanked the two inspirational ambassadors He Yiyi and Zeng Zhaoheng for their presence and sharing, and also thanked all the friends of Lions and guests for participating in the public welfare and great devotion.

Speech by former President Dai Tongxin 1.jpg

The participants were moved by President Dai Tongxin and his wife who still care about public welfare and spare no effort to practice the “Four Out” spirit even in their 80s. They thanked them for their guidance with the warmest applause.

The Lions Football Service team also successfully held the second regular meeting and Captain’s team meeting of the year 2022-2023. After the meeting, the two ambassadors, Mr. Ho Yiyi and Mr. Zeng Zhaoheng, joined the players and coaches of the Shenzhen Lion Football Team and presented a football match titled “Love with the One-legged Ball King” on the beautiful beach at the end of the competition for the Lions and the guests. Ho Yiyi and Zeng Zhaoheng returned the applause and applause of the audience with their wonderful football skills, which brought an end to this special seminar and caring activity.

Beach football team photo.jpg


By Gao Ling

Photo/Chen Weiming

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