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Badges, as the name suggests, are a symbol of status and occupation. Nowadays, more and more industries or businesses are looking at themselves in order to differentiate themselves from others. Post & throughout; An identity marker. Badges are one of them, but the function of badges can not only reflect an identity and occasion, but also sometimes bring certain brand effect. So, forBadge customizationHow should we measure their price levels?

Badge customization

impactBadge customizationThere are two main factors in the price: the craftsmanship of the badge and the size of the badge customization

First, the craftsmanship of the badge. Common badges are usually made of copper, alloy, iron and other materials. This kind of ordinary badge is relatively simple, relatively cheap, only a few yuan can be customized. But fine badges are more complicated, with surfaces painted with pure gold and silver, and can cost more. The latter price is several times higher than the ordinary badge, generally in dozens of yuan, but fine workmanship, popular.

Second, the badge is customized for size. This is easy to understand, the size must have the most direct relationship with the amount of materials used, then naturally will directly affect the price of the entire badge customization.

In addition, badge production has a variety of materials, the commonly used materials in daily life are cast copper, cast iron, cast aluminum, cast stainless steel, zinc alloy and so on. These materials are suitable for the badge, and different materials can be selected for production according to different price requirements. In addition, there is a real metal enamel badge, this material is not very realistic in the market, because it is more expensive than ordinary imitation enamel, although the effect of the two is not much different, but on closer inspection, we can see that there is a certain difference between the two.

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