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As for the landing of MEDALS, from the medal design scheme to the most delivery stage, the medal customization must strictly comply with the process to ensure the final effect of medal customization. We know that when there are defects in medal customization, these MEDALS will have no practical value. We’re going to look at that todayMedal customization“.

The role of medal making:

1, award to the winner of the competition, especially in sports events are used very much, symbolizing the honor, the value of sports competition.

2. Reward individuals, excellent units and excellent groups, promote the continuous progress of individuals and groups, and play an incentive role.

3, professionally customized MEDALS, give people the material representation of success and rewards, but also include spiritual encouragement, the best of both worlds.

Main materials of medal making:

Aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver, etc., through a certain medal process. In recent years, the collection value of MEDALS has become more and more prominent, especially the MEDALS and commemorative plaques made of metal materials, which have become the mainstream of medal making.

Design of the medal:

1, according to the meaning of the medal customization, the main purpose of the design.

2. The size of the medal is designed according to the actual needs of customers.

3, the shape and appearance of the medal, including flat, 3D, etc., according to the customer’s use to determine.

4, the material of the medal, the material determines the quality of the medal, this is very important.

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