Why is thermal transfer lanyard so popular?

Why is thermal transfer lanyard so popular?

Thermal transfer printing rope is in the design of the pattern, the production of copper plate, and then through the electric engravin武汉疫情g machinery to divide the color of the pattern carved on the copper plate. Then take the copperplate to the printing machin搜狐体育e and print the pattern onPETOn the film, the pattern is transferred to the product by the thermal transfer lanyard machine.transfer和transform的区别

Usupopular反义词ally heat transfer lanyard lanyardBelong to textile auxiliary materials.The general material for making lanyard is nylon,ppPolyester, high elastic cotton.Heat transpopular怎么读fer printing lanyard lan文和友yard width50p蓝牙rdaxWide, and some like a little我很有钱呀 bit slanyardhole是什么意思mallthermal设备代理er will use37.5 px.Wide dimensions. The usual girth of the ribbon is2250pxlong(The ribbon ilanyard loops folded in half1125pxlong). The thermal transfer lanyard pattern capopularizationn be printed full edge, that is, the width of the thermal transfer lanyard pattern can blanyard海词e the same as the witransferringdth of the rthermal设备代理ibbon.

The content opopular怎么读f heat transfer printing lanyard can be the brand of the prosoulduct, the slogan, the slogan, or the name of sports events, concerts, commercial activitielanyard 是什么意思s, parties, etcLOGO. Nylon, cotton, bamboo and other fibers can not withstand high temperature, need to go through special and high cost proclanyard photo翻译essing to heat transfer printing lanyard.

To be able to customize their own convenienceLOGOPersonalized lanyard small batch customization,It is more suitable for the requirements of small and medium-蓝牙rdcsized enterprises. In the process opopular的比较级f customizing the rope,lanyard several standard parameters will be selected as the benchmark, and the color,logeThe parameters to btransfer是什么意思e customized will be selected according to the rules, making it easier to change, reducing the cost of ththermal什么意思e enterprise.

Screen printinsoulg hang ropeIt’s making webbingLOGOSilk screenthermally printing is the traditional and common expressipopular的名词on of the craftLOGOThe ink is silksc搜狐体育reen printed on the surface of the ribbon. printedLOGOObvious texture, strong three-dimensionalthermally sense, hpopular怎么读igh definition, good adhesion. Silk screen printing is characterized by ink tightly adsorbed on the surface of the ribbon, will not penetrlanyards什么意思ate into the ribbo武汉疫情最新情况n. Screen printing can not only be monochrome printing, but also can be multi-color color or dot gradient printing.


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