Do you know what details to pay attention to when making lanyard?

Hang a ropeIs a more traditional folk craft, not only in ancient times more popular, but also inTodaylanyard loop‘s societyalsoisveryA popular one. So do you know what details should be palanyard 翻译id attention to when making lanyard?

Let’s take a look.

  1. (1) Use occasions

  2. In the design of time to fully consider the use of thwhatevere occasion. Bepayme是什么意思 careful not to damage the main product. As with digital products, try not to use metal accessdetails什么意思中文ories, because metattention的动词alanyard 是什么意思l accessories can wear the external wire, which is a big problem. Still have a lot of, be liklanyard海词e color, material qualitative etcmaking头像. should consider on the design. Must not affect thpay是什么意思e main parts, thus damaging the whole.

  3. (2when引导的时间状语从句)&.;A clear design draft

  4. If the lanyard product needs to be printed,Try to make a vector drawing.Some users don’t pay much attention to this and oftelanyard photo翻译n斗罗大陆终极斗罗 use something very vaguejpgImage file,whenyouareoldThis is very easy to causewhatif theknow怎么读英语语音 product printing quality is not high.Or vermakingsy different from the original.Thus affdetails怎么读ecting the overall effect and lengthen the production time and difficulty.And in heat transferLOGOIf the drawing is too vague,It will greatly affect the aesthetics ofwhen的用法四种句型 printing.

  5. (3)&.;Selection of accessoriesdetails的翻译

  6. Lanyard accessories should be selected according to the use of lanyard.The use of comfort should be considered when matching accessories, such asChoose to hang a lotlanyard photo翻译 of accessoriesknowledge的形容词 on the lanyard even if imaking是什么意思英语t is more ornamental,But it’s not very convenient to use.And it will cost more,Is is a waste of.Hardware and plastic are very different in the choice of material.Hardpaypalware fittings havepaypal注册 higher weight,Try not to hang too much weightBecause the.It’s very demanding to use.

  7. (4)&.;Pay attention to materials

  8. Thwhatifere are madetails是什么牌子啊ny kinds of materials commonly used for lanyard production,It’s also ve斗罗大陆4ry heady.Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.There is no such thing as good or bad.Likedetails插件设置教程 heat transfer printing will generally use plain polyester ribbon to achieve good results.And it is not suitable for screen printingNknow怎么读ylon tapeattention怎么读 is suitable for silk screen printing.And the heat transfer eknow是什么意思ffect is relatively poorThese should be paiattention什么意思中文d attention to when designing the lanyard.If you are not very familiar witattention翻译h the material of the rope or try to ask the manufacturer.

  9. (5)&.;Selection of printing method

  10. The cost of printing varies somewhat depending on the printing procewhenss.That type of printing suits you,It depends on what you want to achieve with your lanyard despayme是什么意思ign.The cost of production doeknowss not determine the effect.Like simpler text printing in order to stand outLOGOIt would be better to choose a simple screen printing method.And if your pattern is colorful.To highlight the harmony of the whole.paycheckChoose hot&.;Transfer mode will be better thanMore beautiful.

  11. (6)&.;Many buyers have a psychology,What is expensive is good,Cheap is nev东方财富网er good.This mentality is very wrong.toChoose themakinglovers攻略 right product for yourself.Sometimes a simple lanyard,Hang on tlanyard photo翻译o produceIt might be more harmonious.And if you want to use it for advertising.Sometimes simple products stand out more,So our choices shoudold be targeted.

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