Heat transfer printing lanyard colorful, ever-changing

Thermal transfer printing lanyard from the production process, it is the first pattern printedchangingroom in advance on the surface of the film, and then through high temperature pressing, the retransferlevant LOGO printed on the surfacechanging什么意思中文翻译 of the product, forming ink layer and product surface integration.
Thermachanging timesl transfer printing lanyard features: thermal transfer printing lanyard printecolorful是什么牌子d patterns rich levels, bright colors, kaleidoscchanging什么意思中文翻译opic, can be multi-colorprinting out printing, printing gradient ccolorful笔记本olor, upgrade ttransfermarkthe product grade, but LOGO without three-dime蓝牙rdcnsional concave蓝牙rdc anchangingroomd convex, smooth as a whole.
Thprinting processermal transfer printing rope is in the design of the pcolorful主板bios设置attern, the production of copper plate, and then through the electric engraving machinery to divide the color of the pattelanyard 翻译rn carved on tprintingdocument是什么意思啊he coppeheat空调上是什么意思r plate. Then take the coppechanging是什么意思中文rplate to the printing machine and print the pattern on the PET film, and then transfer the pattern to the ptransfer是什么意思roduct through the thermal transfer lanyard machine.
Heat transfer printing lath lath width is 2.0cm wide, and some like a lilanyard pull handlettle bit smaller will use 1.5cm wide size. The girth of a common webbing is 90cm long (the webbing is 45cm long when ftransfer用法olded in half). The thercolorful翻译mal transfer lanyard pattern can be printed full edge, that is, the width of the thermal tcolorful主板bios设置ransfelanyard海词r lanyard pattern caprinting读音n be the same as the width of the ribbon.

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