The material of the work permit lanyard is different from that of the general lanyard

People use it to makeWork card hanging ropeThe quality needs to be stronger so that people can use it fomaterial什么意思r a longer time.

Employee’s card is used to identify a kind of internal staff identitypermitted card, or internally attached IC card to clock out, us蓝牙rdae plastic productiwork的过去式on, wear on his chest, lablanyardhole是什么意思el is also represents the image of the factory, marked with the staff photos, informmaterial怎么读ation such as name, department, positioworkshopn and type of work, tgenerallyhe material used to make employee’permittivitys card to hang rope alpermit和allow的区别so with other hang rope material is differworkoutent. Factory is a complex construction site for people, which is mormaterializee troublesome than the general working environment.

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