Advantages of thermal transfer printing lanyard

Lanyard is a kind of ribbon products, its existence has been popularized to the streets, the service industry is widely used, almost can see eadvantages翻译very staff must wear a certificate lanyard, and the process of heat transfer printing is one of their favorite, because it represents a fashion! For example, jacquard ribbon texture soft, delicate, sprintingdocument打印机错误提示mooth unique texture, glossiness is good, let’s look at the advantages of heat transfer printing rolanyardhole是什么意思pe.


Advantages of thermal transfer printing lanyard news 图1张

Heat transfer printingprinting rope drape and air permeability, high color fastness. Warp and weft weave each other up and down, forminadvantage什么意思中文g different patterns,advantages是什么意思 concave and convex, woven flowers, birds, fish, insecadvantages怎么念ts, birds and animals and other beautiful patterns. Heat transfer printing process can just make colorful colors, can also be matchelanyard photo翻译d wlanyard 翻译ith environmentally friendly fabrics, wearing not only beautiful and comfortable, make heat transfer printing fashion rope, in the fthermalrightace of such a variety of requirements, it can meet.

Thermal transfer printing lanyard ink varietransfer和transform的区别ties are classified as thermal pressureadvantages transfer and thermal sublimation transfer. From the transferred material classification areadvantage是可数还是不可数 fabric, plastic (plate, sheet, fithermal是什么意思中文lm), ceramic and metal coating plate; From the ptransfer是什么意思中文翻译rinting mode classification can be divided into screen printing, lithography, gravure printing, letterpress, inkjet and ribbon printing; There are thermal transfetransfer是什么意思r printing lanyard paper and thermal transfer printing lanyard plastic film from the substrate classification.

Heat transfer printing lanyard atransfersthermalright a trend of lprinting是什么意思中文anyatransfer是什么意思中文翻译rd accprinting outessories, the purpose is to let more users really experience the practthermal什么意思icality and safety of mobile phone lanyard. Moreover, the mobile phoprintingne lanyard also better shows you my mobile phone featuprintingdocument打印机错误提示res!

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