What should be paid attention to when matching the color of the rope

Lanyard is common, certificate card lanyard, brand lanyard, the price is low, it canropeway什么意思中文 be said that the lanyard is a kind of fast goods, in the process of productattention歌曲ion, we need to matcattention是什么意思英语h the lanyard color, so what should be paid attention to when matching the color? The following small series to give you a goomatchingcanceledd introduction.

Theoretically, each person’s perception of color light will have different sizecoloross. Ten people have about one or two different feelings of color light bias, so this person will be easy to dispute with ordinary people in color perception. To ensurattention什么意思中文e the conswhatistency of color conditions and light source, the influence of residualmatching绝地求生 imageattention怎么读 on continuous color judgment:

What should be paid attention to when matching the color of the rope news 图1张

When the human eye gazes at an ob排的拼音ject for more than 20 seconds, aattention是什么意思英语fter the object is removed, the human eye will seeshould是什么意思英语 the residual image of thewhat objmatching是什么意思ect, and the complementary color o排毒祛湿吃10种食物f twhatsapp官方网下载he objecropewayt’s color will remain in the human eye for more thawhen怎么读n 30 seconds, thus affecting the color matching personnel’s judgment of color. Therefore, attention should be paid to the consistency of surrounding or background color, and put it in the centattention是什么意思英语er of the background color.

The color matching environment adcolorosopts white, grey and black colorless series to prevent the incoloros12fluence of environm徘的组词ental color on the complementary color of the color matcolorosching person’s eye image. Color matching personnel had bett徘的拼音er judge twhatif漫威在线观看he color from light to deep, so as not to affect the resattention舞蹈idual complementary color judgment.

Color can not be careless, we according to the role of the lanyard to match the color, such as the certificate lanyard, this is recommended pure color, colorful is optional, work must nshould怎么读ot be ablematching绝地求生 twhenyouareoldo wear this kind of lanyard, need to wear pure colmatching upor, do you think?

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