Heat transfer printing rope production and custom

Thermal transfer printing rope is in the design of the pattern, the production of cocustomers翻译pper plate, and then through the electric engravingcustom machinery to divide the color of the pattern carveprinting读音d onprinting out the copper plate. Trope是什么意思英语hen take the copperplate to the printing machine and print the paprinting processttern on the PET film, anprinting读音d then transfer the pattern to the product through the thermal transfer lanyard machine.

Heat transfer printing lath lath width is 2.0cm wide, and some like a little bit smaller will use 1.5cm wide size. The girth of a common webbing is 90cm long (the webbing is 45cm long when folded in half). The thermal transfer lanyard pattern can be printed full edge, that is, the width of the thermal transfer lanyard pattern can be the same as the width of the ribbon.


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Usually heat transfer printing lashings – textile auxiliary materials (other names: mobile phone rope, lashings, lashings) general production lashings ocustomf nylon, PP, polyester, high elastic cotton, general specifications are 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm.

The content of heat tracustomized是什么意思nsfer printing lanyard can be the brand, slogan,transfer翻译 slogan of theatsinkhe product, or the name of sports events, concerts, commercial activities, parties and other logosproduction什么意思中文. Nylon, cotton, bamboo andprintingdocument打印机错误提示 other fibers can not wittransfer是什么意思中文翻译hstand high temperature, need to go through special andheatsink high cost processing to heat transfer princustomers翻译ting lanyard.

In order to facilropesitate the customization of their own LOGO personalized lappet small batch customization, morprinting是什么意思中文e suitable for the requirementtransferrings of smprintingall and medium-sized enterprises, in the process of customization lappet, generally selected several standard parameters as a benchmark, and color, LOGE and other parameters to be custotransfer和transform的区别mized according to the law will be selected to make it easier to change, reduce the cost of enterprises.


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