Market demand analysis of mobile phone strap heat transfer printing

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Compared with the current fashion and mainstream water transfer printing, what are the advantages and disadvantages of heat transfer printinstrapon是什么意思啊g technology? In particular,transferable the production of water transfer printing is more flexible and convenienstrappedt, is not subjtransfer和transform的区别ect to the lanalysis翻译imitation of object area, shape, generally do not need special tools aanalysis是什么意思中文nd equipment (as ltransferredong as a mobile phone hang with water transfer printing paper), sotransfer是什么意思中文翻译 the applicable scope is more extensive, production costs aheat空调上是什么意思re lower than the thermal transfer, very suitable foheat是什么意思中文r home users and smamarketll workshops, fashion oanalysis什么意思rnaments shop.

Market demand analysis of mobile phone strap heat transfer printing news 图1张

Mobile phone strap heat transfer due to the relationship between the image heat, the finisheddemand用法 image color will be more solid than water transfer printiphone13ng, will not be pphone怎么读语音rone to fading, it has corrdemand形容词ositransferwiseon resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, wearmobilelegends resdemand什么意思istance, high temperature resistance, firephone系统, can mainmarketingtain ten to decades without discoloration characterisphonetictics, Therefore, thermal transfer printistrap是什么意思中文ng tetransferwisechnology is esheathrowpecially suitprintingpressable for image retention of electrical appliances, daily necessities, building maprinting读音testrap-onrials decoration and other objects.

For example, heat transfer printing technology can be used to print tradeanalysismarks, bar codes, labemobile的英语怎么读ls, etc. Iheat空调上是什么意思t is also becausmarkete of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone strap thermal transfer printing technology, so this technology is usually favored and used by jewelry shops, printing manufacturers and building materdemandsials departments of a certaimobilelink官方下载n scale.

In terms of market demand, with the continuous developmarketingment of commodity economy, manufacturers’ departments have higher and higher requirememobilelegendsnts for their own products’ trademarks, labels and packaging beauty. For the prheatinginting industry, the conanalysis的复数cept of printing is no lmobile怎么读onger the traditional pademand形容词pertransferwise printing in people’s impresstransfer翻译ion. From our daily necessities to officetransfermarkt appliances, and then to telecommunicamarketabletions, decoration,phone系统 technology and other products of all walks of life, need more and better and more practical external packaging, astraplezz哪里找资源nd most of these packaging rely on transheatwavesfer printing to achieve, so transfer printing induphonestry has a very wide and deep market space.

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