Digital printing, heat transfer printing lanyard is a new fashion?

Digital printing, heat transfer printing lanyard is a new fashion? Nowadays, with the rapid development of digitalheater printing technology, thermal transfer printing and other technologies, the omission of蓝牙rdc planyard looplate making process rheateduces the cost of short plate printing, personalized gift printing is gradually entering the daily life of ordinary cfashion什么意思onsumers. According to liu Ying, manager of I love I print technfashionableology developmtransferableent Co., LTD., paper products such as personalizlanyard 是什么意思ed desk calendar and photo albums are printeprintingpressd wiprintingpressth ddigital怎么读igital printing equnew是什么意思英语ipment, and the printing of special materdigital翻译ials such as porcelain cups uses thelanyard 是什么意思rmal transfer printing technology, and they can do a printing, not limited by printingfashion的形容词 volume.

Digital printing, heat transfer printing lanyard is a new fashion? news 图1张

In the past printing gnewgroundsift market, customers need to choose printers for large quantittransferwiseies of printing can be cost-effective, if the use of olanyard pull handleffset printing, gravure printing and other printing methods, can only be printed on flat pnew怎么读aper and plastic, can not print curved surface and convex sunewgroundsrface. Becaus蓝牙rdce a lot of gifts is irregular shape of the items, with makinewgroundsngs also alllanyard 翻译-encompassing, sunewboych as metals, plasticslanyard 是什么意思, textiles, wood or glass, nefashion什么意思ed to use splanyard海词etransfermarktcial printing equipment, due to the plate making cost is high, the printing plant often cannot provheatide this sptransferwiseecial gift printing services, and consumers can enjoy the service opportunities are fewheathrow and far between.

At the same time, webprintingdocument是什么意思啊 printing technology and e-commerce model alsoheatwaves promoteprintingdocument打印机错误提示 the development of personalized printing gift markeheatedt. In China, there have been a number of websites specializing in personalprinting翻译ized gift printing customized business, such as I love my prnew的反义词inting, UU customization, Longying, the eighth paradise. Customers can either only prprinting outovide photos, dtransfermarktesigned by them, or they can chotransferringose the desifashion什么意思gn version through online software, design their own persontransfer翻译alized gifts, the cost is generally about dozens of yuan, through the e-commerce system to pay for the purchase of goodsdigitaldesire无删减, withitransfermarktn a few days can receive their customized personalized gifts.

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