Thermal transfer printing lanyard coding technology can improve the company’s product image?

Thermal transfer printing lanyard coding technology can improve the company‘s procodingbatduct image? According to President Elisabeth Fritz, the new FritzieFreshtransferred packaging not only reflects the company’s long history, buthermalexpansiont also looks to the future. Over the course of the company’s long history, our brand identity has evolved to determine the products we offer. Based on this concept, the comproducts翻译pany’s belief in histortechnology怎么读英语y, family, society, safety, fun, people, generosity and sharing haproduct什么意思s become the directionlanyards什么意思 of the redesign effort.

Finding coding equipmtransferent that could print product variety, weight, UPC and nproductivity是什么意思utritional facts on new film packages in bright red and yellow was one of the hurdles that had to be overcome.


Thermal transfer printing lanyard coding technology can improve the company's product image? news 图1张

After evaluating the coding systems of the various companies, Fritz replacedproducts是什么文件夹 the thermal coding and offset presses used on the oldtechnology翻译 product labels and packaging with markon’s SmartDate3i and 2i100 thermal transfer digital coding systems.

FRITZCO, a 65-year-old family-owned ccoding下载onfectionery animprove翻译d snack food company, decided to redesign its packaging and present a neprinting是什么意思中文w image.

At the same time, Markon can use CimControl softwarecoding官网 to achieve networking, making coding more flexible and easy to operate.

Fritz sacodingys MAproductRKEM took a wcoding10hile to understand what we needed and cameprinting翻译 up with a coding solution that suittransferwiseed our needs. Service, reliability and competitive pproductivericing led us to choose Markon products.

Because we have 150 different sizes and weights of product packaging, we have selected the coding equipment to meet these different needs, and ctransfer翻译an print high quality athermaltakend varied product information on the film packaging of all products.

In addition, they integproducts是什么文件夹rated the codetransferred priproduct函数nter into the Hayssen vertical packaging machitechnology是什么意思ne for bag-making and filling.

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