Similar to mobile phone strap gift printing potential

Similar to mobile phone strap gift printing potential news 图1张

In addition to personalized gift printing like mobile phone lath, high-end cultural gift printing has also shown a certain momentum of development. Husimilar是什么意思中文ang Runjie, an industry expertgifts是什么意思, said tstrapon女王hat with the continuous improvemprinting怎么读ent of peoplmobile的英语怎么读e’s cultural quality, high-end cultural gistrapon女王fts will be more and more favored by people, in the field of cultprinting怎么读ural gift printing, oprinting怎么读nly hiprintingpressgh sprintingdocument是什么意思啊imulation calligraphpotentiallyy and painting prints have greater market potential. It doesn’t make much sense to gsimilarsites官网ive cigarettes or alcohol every yearsimilar的名词. Now people want to give something cultural. “He told reporters.

According to statistics, after nearly 30 years opotential造句f devemobile怎么读lopment, now China has bprintingecome the worldsimilar‘s lasimilar的比较级rgest gift producer and exporter, annual outpprinting是什么意思中文ut value of more than 300 billion yuan, the average annual growth rate of more thasimilar造句n 12%. It can be seen that China’s gift market is developing mopotential的用法mentum, gift printgift是什么意思英语ing market is also expected to benefit.

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