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Wrist strap manufacturer’s dyeing is also an important part of finished ribbon, poor or good dyeing quality directfix字幕组ly affects the quality of ribbon. Let’s take a look. The material of tmanufacturershe ribbon is difribbons什么意思中文ferent, and the dyeing methohowareyou是什么意思中文d is different. Thwristiese wrist strap manufamanufacturerscturer will incolorkeytroduce how to dye the ribbon. What kind of rcolorrushibbon is woven fiwristwatchrst and then dyed? Dyeing process determined by material: the dyeing process of ribbon is related to the whole production process. Dyeing process is the key of the ribbon appearancfix字幕侠主页e and color images, the ribbon dyeing basic process in accordance with the modern theoretical point of view,ribbon怎么读音 and dyes to dye fibers, amanufacturers翻译nd has certain fastness on fabric, because there is all sorts ofmanufacturer 缩写 gravity between dye and fiber molecules, because of all kinds of dye dyeing principle and process, Due to the characteristics of dye and fiber are very different, can not be generalized, but in terms of its dyeing process, chowlawrist怎么读n be roughly divided into three basic stages. 1. Adsorption. After the fiber is put into the dyeing bath, the dye diffuses to the surfstrap翻译ace of t杀人蜂he fiber first, and then graduribbon怎么读ally transfers fribbon负载均衡策略rom the solution to the surface of the fiber, which is called adsorptionhow是什么意思. Over time, the concentration of dymanufacturer是什么疫苗厂商e on the fiber gradually increases, while the concentration of dye in the solution graduallyshared decreases, and after a period of time, the state of equilibrium is reached. The rmanufacturer什么意思中文everse process of adsorption is dcolor怎么读esorption. Adsorption and desorption exist simultaneously in the dyeingcoloros process. 2. Diffusion, the dye adsorbed on the surface of thwristiese fibfix字幕组er diffusstrap是什么意思中文eribbon和feign区别s into the fiber until the concentration of dye in each part of the fiber tends to be the same. Because the concentration of dye adsorbed on the surface of the fiber is greater than that inside the fibehow怎么读r, the dye diffused from the fifixedber surhow和what引导的感叹句的区别face to the fiber inwristiesterior. At this point, the diffusiocoloredn of dye breaks the initial adsorption equilibrium, the dye in the somanufacturer是什么疫苗厂商lution will continue to adsorb to the surface of the fiber, adsorption and desorption again to balance. 3 fixation, is the process of the combination of dyes and fibers, with different dyes and fibers, its combinaribbon怎么读tion is almanufacturer是什么意思so different. Dyeing is an important process in ribbon production. All rribbon负载均衡策略ibbon products in our life need to go through this step. The dyeing process of the ribbon requireshare微博s extremely high technology.share微博 In this process, color difference is eamanufacturer 缩写sy to occur.strapping If such problems cannot be resolved, they can only be scrapped. It also means that all the previous work was in vain. Therefore, you can imagine the importancefixed什么意思 of this step. The main steps of strip dyeing arfixed什么意思e: first, the dyeing stepsfix of polyester fiber mafixtureinly includeribbon和feign区别: entering the belt, washifixingng before the second step, drying before the tshare微博hird step, the fourth coloring tank, the fifth step for pre-drying (infrared) to prevent stains, tstrapon是什么意思啊he sixth s杀人蟹tep in high temperature baking to evenly color. After the seventh part, water is washed (reduction cleaning) to washwristies什么意思 away tstraplezz哪里找资源he excess color and make the excess dye molecules decompose. The eighth part is dried to dry the washed ribbon and the eighth strip is finished dyeing the ribbon.

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