Customized brand rope, we must pay attention to the following six details

Brand lanyard is almost every factory will use the product, usually the factory willmust是什么意思 customize the brand lanyard to enhance their uniqueness and publicity, so we need to pay attention tropeway怎么读语音o what details when we customize the brand lanyard? The following IMkgift gift factory willmust是什么意思 give you a custom label lanyard need to pay attropeskippingention to the six details.

First, the requirements of fabric

There are a lot orope可数吗f fabrics suitable for customized brand lanyard. Tbrand-newhe requirements of fabrics in different industries, different jobs and different situations are not the samebranding. Thfollowing造句e general requirements are: Brand rope customfollowing是什么意思英语ized to play can eropeway怎么读语音fcustomized lookfectively dust, cleaning, preven思想汇报格式t the brand because of the rope quality cause loss, involved in machinery and other risdetails?idks, good brand rope should have pmustardrotective, anti-bacteria and mildew resistance, washing resistance, heat resisropeskippingtmust后面加什么ance, good air permeability apaychecknd other advantages. Just like our imkgift gift factory brand rope production, good quality, new style, loved by the majority of friends.

Customized brand rope, we must pay attention to the following six details news 图1张

Sepaypal登录cond, color requiremcustomized音标ents

Label rope customibrand-newzed color to use to coordinate, will appear generous end. The colors of clothing can be divdetailsided into three categories: blue and blue are cool colors, giving people a feelropewaying of cold; red, orange, yellow and similar colors are warm colors, giving people a feeling of warmth; Green and purple are intermediate colors. Choose warm colors in winter andcustomized是什么意思 cool colors in summer.

Third, structural requirements

Brand rope should be simple, comfortable, convenient, conducive to body activities, can let go of the work oattention的形容词f hands and feet.ropes Generally, it is not suitable to wear metal ornaments on the hanging rope, etc., so it should be simple and comfortable when wearing.

Fourth, the requirements of the work

In the key parts of the customized branpaymed rope can be required to be made with double thread, the use of synthetic sewing line, so that the sewing of the brand rope is more hard and solid, smooth, to prevent the application of force in the process ofdetails work and rupture.

Fbrandy官网ifth, style requirements

In order to improve the safety of the work, the customized brand lanyard is best to choose some more solid materiapayme是什么意思ls, such as nylon, s思乡渔夫o that in tcustomized是什么意思he work can avoid because the lanyard is not strong enough to make the brand off, causing a series of safety problems

Sixth, themustang level of requattentionirefollowing翻译ments

Is has the fobrandingllowing chardetails是什么牌子啊acteristics: for general office,details是什么意思中文翻译 indoor culture atmosphere, generally do more bright-coloured, hfollowingsigh-grade, because may come into contact with external customerdetails的翻译s, if it is a general assembly line workers wear, try to have practical, strong, such as need, sufollowing是什么意思英语ch as anti-statfollowingsic, fire preve四行仓库ntion, prevent oil, etc., this kind of label is quite harsh han思想汇报2020积极分子4篇g rope for fabrics, according to the circumstances.

The abovbrandse is about the brand lanyard customization process need to pay attention to all kinds of details, if ypaycheckou areattention the first tmust的否定形式ime to buy the brand lanyard or brand lanyard customization, be sure to sharpen your eyes and remember these six drope可数吗etails to buy.

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