Check the common quality problems in the production of lanyard, to help you judge the quality of the lanyard manufacturer

Nowadays, most lanyard manufacturers have good quality control. However, many manufacturers still have mproblems是什么意思英语any ways to get it wrong.

No matter how many times a factory is inspected, mistakes will occasionally occur.

So we prepared a detailed to-do list. This enables you to notice and find faults as early as pomanufacturer中文ssibproduction什么意思中文lhelpful是什么意思e.

Common quality proproduction什么意思blems in lanyardquality加ify production

In the following paragraphs, we will highlight some of the most common quality probproblemslems and why they occur.production什么意思中文

Onceproblems是什么意思中文 you make a mistake, thecommon怎么读re is little you ccheckingan do but senjudge翻译d the order back to the lanyard manufactuproblem-solvingrer. But understanding the problem and wquality什么意思中文翻译hy it haqualityppened will help you resolve the complaint.

Furthermore, having this knowledge will give the factory in question confidence that you know what you are talking about. This will make them more inclined not to repeat the same mistake twice

Here are the most common qualithelplessy problems to watch out for.

Check the common quality problems in the production of lanyard, to help you judge the quality of the lanyard manufacturer news 图1张

1, the ribbon

This is the body of the rope; This is the basis for printing content.

If the materiproductional does not match your chosen design or printingquality怎么读 method, the quality will be below standard.

Similarlyquality变形, if thejudge的用法 strap is used incorrectly, it will shorten the service life of the lanya蓝牙rdard.

Sometimequality的形容词s, factories using bachecksd methods will also try to save matequality加ify的形式rial by tproblemsying the webbinjudgeg thinner. This will cause the lanyard to wear poorly. Thisproblems翻译 can also lead to printing problems, especiallhelp的用法y if the design is dojudgementalublquality加ify的形式e-sided.

Make sure you question the factory’s ribbon manufacturing methods.common是什么意思英语 Also, please check tqualityhe comments of other customers tquality加ifyo see if they have experienced quality issues with webbing in the past.

Bad webbing can affect appearance even before you consider printing on it.

2, the printed matter of the ropequality是什么品牌 faded

Some lanyardquality什么意思中文翻译 manufacturers make lanyard that looks good at first when they receive it, but soon the pahelpint starts peeling.

Obviously, if this happens, it can have a serious impact on yproblem什么意思ourchecks business. This is especially bad if youlanyardhole是什么意思‘re giving lanyards as souvenirs ahelp outt events.

The most comquality翻译mon reason for this is蓝牙rda that the factorlanyard pull handley uses the wrong material, does not cure the print properly or uses a poor quality dielectric paste.

A thelp是什么意思英文翻译ransparent dielectric paste layer is applied to the lanyard prior to printing. This helps design visicommonlybility on the lanyard. Prints will fall off if poor qualitycommonly pastproblemse is used.

If the material of the lanyard is not suitable for the printing method, the paint will not adhere cmanufacturer疫苗orrectly.

But, by far, the most common problem is that factories can’t properly cproduction什么意思中文onnect their landlines.

Thhelp oute so-called thermal transfproduction可数吗er printing lanyard refeproduction什么意思rs to the printing lanyard running thrquality什么意思ough the hot press at a high enough temperature and within the appropriamanufacturer什么意思中文te time raquality加ify的形式nge.

3, dye sublimation problem

Dye sublimation, this form of printing will allow the lanyard to producehelping excellent photo-lproblems中文翻译ike quality. However,lanyard 是什么意思 there are still some problems to be paid attention to in dye sublimation printing.

Some of the problems were attributed to design errors on the part of the engineers. Others put it down to machine equality变形rrors.

The main issues that need attention are improper placement of the design, ghosting and stains on the materiproblems中文翻译als.

You will easily see if the printing posjudgementalition is incorrect. Center will be off, or the spacing between character and image is not good.

Douproblem什么意思ble shadow is obvious because it multiplies the print on the fabric, creating a shadow effect. This will make your letters and logos hard to read.

The materialproduction和product的区别 is usually dyed with a lighter lanyardmanufacturer是什么意思 material. You will sjudgeee this clearly because the light material will have different shadows.

4, the color of the rope is poor

Youhelp的用法‘ve spent a lot of time designing the perfproblem是可数名词吗ect lanyard. You’ve completely chosen the colors, so they really showcase your brand in the best light. Then, when you receive your order, the color is completely different from what you expected.

The possible reason is that a bad lath manuhelpingfacturer may not have the exact color to planyard looprint and will use what they think is a close color. Doproduction和product的区别n’t support it, beca蓝牙rdause the wrong cocommonlylor will give your company a bad impression.

Sometimesquality什么意思 in dye sublimation, they chose the wrong shade from the Pantone chart. Again, just attach the lanyard to the diagram anjudgement和judgment的区别d see if it matchjudgementales.

Color is a very important part of the design, it will change the whole image of your lanyard.

Ensure that the final design is proproduction可数吗ofread correchecklistctly before prproductioninting.

Check the common quality problems in the production of lanyard, to help you judge the quality of the lanyard manufacturer news 图2张

5. Splicing of lanyacommonplacerd

Stitch problems occur when thejudgement lanyard manufacturer installs the lanyaproblem是可数名词吗rd splice. Poor stitchjudgesing can result icheck是什么意思英语n an unsightproduction什么意思ly lanyardjudge翻译.

And lazy work willcommon是什么意思英语 cause stitches to loose, can not stand the test of ticommonnessme.

A good lanyard manufacturer shochecksuld have enough unprinted fabric so that no part of the lanyard desmanufacturers是什么意思ign is affected by stitchinproductionigg.

Please be sure to discuss the lanyard stitching process with the lanyard manufacturer to ensure the lanyard is of thquality加ify后缀怎么写e best construction.

This is one of the last stages, so if the lanyard manufacturer can’t properly do all the work except stitching, it’s not qualified.

6. Packaging of lanyard

The final stage icheck是什么意思英语s the pacmanufacturer疫苗kaging stage. If the box is packed too tightly without proper precautions, your lanyard will wrinkle.

Contact yqualityour lanyard sucheck灯亮什么意思pplier to discuss thecommonplaceir packaging methods and how to prevent crumpled lanyards from reaching youproduction教学环节r purpose.

The points outlined in this article will ensurproduction什么意思e that you receive hiproduction的动词gh quality custom lacheckednyard merchandise. If you find any of thproduction教学环节ese faults, please stop working with the lanyard factory and find a more professional lanyard factory.

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