Classification and introduction of heat transfer printing in heat transfer lanyard

Thermal transfer printing technology is one of the indispensable technologies in the production of lanyard lanyard manufintroduction用法acturers, so how much do you know about thermal transfer printinglanyard technology? The following take you to understand

Therintroduction造句mal transfer printing technololanyard loopgy has long beeprinting是什么意思中文n used in the production of fabric theheatrmal transfer printingheater. With the rapid development of high technology, thermal transfer printing technology is more and more widelyheatwaves used. From the classification of ink varieties are hot pressure tranprinting怎么读sfer type anclassificationd hetransfer是什么意思at sublimation transfer type. From the tr蓝牙rdaansferred material classification are fabric, plastic (plate, sheet, film), ceramic and metal coating plate; From the printing mode clalanyard 翻译ssification can be divided into screen printing, lithography, gravure printing, letterpress, inkjet and ribbon printing; From the classification of substrate thermal transfer papeprinting是什么意思中文r and thermal transfer plastic film.

In additlanyard loopioclassification什么意思中文n to the traditional lanyard thermal transfer printing, there are some other classifications of thprinting怎么读ermal transfer printing technology

Classification and introduction of heat transfer printing in heat transfer lanyard news 图1张

1. Thermal separation

Thermal separation is also regarded as a thermal stripping transfer. It is onintroduction翻译e of the most popular trprinting是什么意思中文ansfer prints because when ulanyards什么意思sed on shirts, it haintroduction的动词s the same soft texture as screen printing. And the reasprinting读音on why it is called hot strippinprinting翻译g, because in the application of the transfer product by hot press after 10 seconds, hot paper quicclassification什么意思中文kly planyard 是什么意思eellanyard looping, ink will be divided into two. Some of the ink is transferred ttransfer用法o the shirt, while some remains on the papheatsinker. This makes the transfer has a soft texture.

2, cold stripping

Cold peel transfer printing is also stitransferll popclassification翻译ular, mainly for thheathrowe printing of sportswear and foiheatingl printing on shirlanyardhole是什么意思ts. In facintroduction翻译t, iflanyard loop you do it correctly, you canheatsink choose either hot separation or cold separation for tlanyard海词ransfer printiintroductionsng. The effect and operation of hot and cold stripping are no diprintingfferent. The realanyard photo翻译l difference lies in the paper used and the applicatioprintingpressn of the hot press. When using cold stripping, cool the transfer paper for about 30 secondintroductions before you peel the paper. This leaves the ink completely on the garment and gives the transfeintroduction怎么读音rred pattern a strong elastic texture similar to rubber. Cold-stripping prints are generally notprinting怎么读 suitable for large designs prin蓝牙rdcted on t-shirts, as they are very hoprinting翻译t on the bclassification什么意思中文ody and affect the breathability of the shirt. They also can’t be washed because the rubber layer on top of the ink cracks. Then, cold strippinclassification的动词g is making a comeback as a retro type of print that itransfer和transform的区别s bclassification societyeing used again.

3, ink jet transfeintroductionr

Inkjetransfer翻译t is commonly used for direct printing of shirts and for making transfers. Conversiolanyard photo翻译ntransfer ink-jet is a special ink that sprays automatically under high temperattransferredure and pressure.

The above is about the rope manulanyard 翻译facturers in t蓝牙rdche production process often used in the inlanyard海词troductiintroduction造句on of thermaltransferred transfer printing technology and its classificatiointroduction什么意思n, I hope to help you broalanyard pull handleden your knowledge

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