Knowledge of ink hue in custom lanyard

Simple color material three primary colors, yellow, magenta, green can be deployed out of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other dozens of colors.

And in the actual deployment process, only by the three primary color ink can not obtain the color, this is because the ink manufacturers choose piglanyard loopmentcustomudon, dye root this can not reach the international standard three prima忽而今夏ry color saturation, color concentration, brightness, etinksans最后的色彩c., three partcustoms of the original color ink add can only be tea gray, rather than black. Therefore, in the actual toning process, black ink, white ink, diluent anknowledge翻译d otcustomudonher ink and additives.

Knowledge of ink hue in custom lanyard news 图1张

Ink processlanyard loop

1inksans最后的色彩. Master the ink sys虎耳草图片tem, color, color saturation, viscocustomizesity, fineness and other indicators.

2. The proofs and customer requirehuements,knowledgeable procelanyard海词ss requirement虎耳草图片s, hue requirements, ink use requiremknowledge怎么读ents for review, the arrangement of each color group color sequelanyards什么意思nce, the number of printing products, the amount of ink, the deployment of the main tone to in-depth understanding.

3. Diluent and ink resin solubility, temperature deviation and diluent ratio is related, such as high temperatucustomaryre diluent should be used slow drying type. At the same timeinksans战斗曲, the dissolution effect, volatile speed also plays a velanyard 是什么意思ry important role in the priinksans最后的色彩nting quality oflanyard海词 the product, so the appropriate diluent should be selected accordinknowledge怎么读音g to the relevant conditions.

4. The preparation of ink and diluent scustomudonhould be done before printing.

5. In the short time of boot overprintknowledge怎么读音ing, according to the color collocation, appropriate use of t虎二he origin蓝牙rdaal color ink, and grasp tcustomudonhe proportion, according to the proofs of each color group of ink hue deploknowledge翻译yknowledge造句简单并翻译ment, so that thuehe printing speed is stable, a little adjustment虎耳草图片 can achieve the effect of the proofs. In normal custom rope printin呼儿将出换美酒g, batch con虎耳草的功效与作用trol of color phase is the same, which is difficult for ink blending pinksans战斗曲ersonnel. For example, the a蓝牙rdamount of thinnknowledge可数吗er will affeknowledge什么意思ct the coink下载lor effect to varying degrees, whlanyard pull handleich requiresinksans手机版下载 ink blending personnel to have a strong sense of responsicustomers翻译bility.

Let’s talk about the matters needing aknowledge翻译ttention in the ink toning of the customizeinksans战斗曲d laninkyard

Usually the factory screen print虎耳草的功效与作用ing ink, its vi胡尔克scositinksans战斗曲y is slightly larger, users should b虎二e based on the characteristics of the prinhueted image, meknowledge什么意思sh mesh, printing spe胡尔克ed, workshop tempinksanserature忽而今夏歌词, substrknowledgeableate surface tension and ink absorption, with appropriate solvents, diluents, surfactcustomerants and adhcustomized是什么意思esivcustomizees, etc.

Thknowledgeablee ink viscosity, surface tension, fluidity and drying speed of comprehensive adjustmencustomizationt.

Such as screen printing fine line and dot, should make the ink flow slknowledge的形容词ightly small, drying speed can be slightcustomaryly slo忽而今夏wer; Coarse screen printhueing, the viscosity should be slightly laknowledge翻译rger, drying speed can be slightly faster;

High speed printing, liquidity is slighcustomudontly larger, drying speed can be slightly fastcustomerer; Workshop temperature is high, drying should be a little slow, visclanyard photo翻译osilanyard海词ty slightly larger; Substrate surface tension hours, ink surface tension should also be smaller; Printing surface ink absorption, ink fluidity and surface tension can be larger, drying sknowledge什么意思peed can be slower.

Adaptive adj虎二ustment techniques also depend on practical experience

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