What are the characteristics of silica gel mobile phone lanyard

Silica gel lanyard is a relatively unpopular lanyard production process, mainly because many people do not like the feeling of silica gel lanyard, but silicphone怎么读a gel lanyard is also widely use格力空调售后服务号码d in some places, so what are the characteristics ofmobile silica gel lanyard?

Silica gel mobimobilelinkle phomobile是什么意思ne rope is made of 100% natural solidcharacteristic是什么意思 silicone rubber pressed by oil press! Silica gel rope itself has a cerlanyard 是什么意思tainsilicate是什么意思啊 tension and softness, so it is not easy to deformation and immediate recoversilicagel遇开水y! Silicacharacteristics什么意思中文 gel lanyard has the following characteristics

1: high temperature resistance

2: no deformation

3: non-toxsilicagel遇开水ic and tastphone怎么读语音eless, does not stimulate the skin

4: Individual fashion

In addition to decoration, silphoneica gel mobile phone rope and mosqlanyard loopuito repellphone怎么读ent effect!

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