Why is the lanyard twisted backwards

Hang rope against twisting technique, named uz professional ring, have this kind of design is the main reason for thibackwards的反义词s setting to hang rope is not easy to revetwisted歌曲rse, job card o王海燕nce a force will from originallanyard you adjust good state, you have been and are moving, so you can reverse twist, ilanyard loopf not a mobius ring, the card will be natural rotation to the perpendicular to the direction of the body

In this way, the LOGwhy是啥意思O can be better displayed. This setting can make the tbackwards的反义词wo ladd文豪野犬ers face the fron王海燕t, which can help the ente往后余生歌词rprise tlanyard海词o better display.

And this design will be more comfortable to hangbackwards怎么读 around the neck, you can see the above picture, do you feel this is a very good idea now?

Thitwisted什么意思s design is not onlylanyard海词 used on lanyards, such as ties and so on

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