Understand the production process of lanyard to prevent cheating by unscrupulous manufacturers

4, print ribbon & NBSP; Printing different logos, patterns or words for ribbon weaving,processing编程语言 printing, screen printing, heat transfer, adhesive transfer,understand是什么中文意思 computer jacquard, etc., printing customprocess什么意思中文 patterns on lanyards

5, assemble various parts & NBSP; Cut dimensions, lanyard and buckle

6. Finished product qualitunderstandingy inspection & NBSP; Check the tension, shape and pattern of the rope

7, air drying deodorant & NBSP; Freshly produced webbing has a strong smell and needs to be placed in a ventilated aunscrupulous的反义词rea or designated air-drying area to remove the smecheatingonyoull.

8, cumanufacturer是什么意思tting and finicheating泛读总概括shing & NBSP; Cut thunderstand的过去式e lanyard separately accordiunderstand什么意思英语ng to customer’s alanyard海词rtwork requiremeproductiondate出厂日期nts.   10, With accessories & NBSP; Semanufacturers翻译w lanyards, such as sewn dog buckles, seat belt buckunscrupulous怎么读lesunderstand什么意思英语 or airplanemanufacturers怎么读 buckles (customer can specify).

9. Packaginmanufacturers是什么意思g ribbon & NBSP; Finished products can be packed individually or in 100 bags and sealelanyardd.

10. Shipping & NBSP; Delivery within the time蓝牙rda specified by the company.

Theunderstand above steps arunscrupulous什么意思中文e the normal rope factory must go process, for everyone to do a reference, if there is a custom production needunderstand名词 cunscrupulous什么意思an also come to us, the website: www.mk.ayxvip.com

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