The difference between heat transfer printing and silk screen printing rope

Hanging rope customization, we are most familiar with the hanging rope printed on their favorite LOGO, LOGO printing is generally the most common two ways, respectively, heat transfer printbetween和among的区别是什么ing and silheatsinkk scheathrowreen printing, what is the differencscreenplaye betweebetween翻译n the two printing methods? Screen hanger from the production process analysis process, the ribbon is fixed on the screen, and then one end into the ink, with a scraper on the screen printing plate to apply certain pressure on the ink, and the screen printing plate moves the other end of the ink by the scraper from the screen graphic part to the subsbetweentrate, so as to form a LOGO. Features: Silk screen lanyard color, LOGO with a clear and effective LOGO feeling reflected. But because the ink isheat attached to the fabric, if the adhesioscreenx影厅是什么n is not strong, easy to fall off, especiallysilk百度云资源链2021 in the case of washing or scraping the most obvious. Heat transfer printing series from the production process, it ibetween翻译s the first pattern printed on the surface of the film, and then through hibetween的英语怎么读啊gh temperature suppression, the relevant LOGO printed on the surface of the prodprinting processuct, forming ink layer and product surface integration.

Characteristics: series ofrope可数吗 thermal transfer printing an abundant colorful designs, rich colors, chsilk系列的网盘有吗anging, multicolor pscreentogifrinting, can print the gradient, improve product quascreenplaylity, but no 3 d LOGO concave and convex, the differences between the two bheat是什么意思中文iggest is essentially print differencprinting processes of different technology, each has its advantages, can according to individual be fond of, are free to choosheathense.

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