Lanyard manufacturer briefly describes the method for measuring shrinkage of lanyard

Now in life, there are many lanyard manufacturers around us, mainly because we often use lanyard. Usually the purpose of measuring the warp and weft shrinkage of heat trandescribes翻译sfer jacquard ribbon is to cashrinkage会计lculate the yarn characteristics and t蓝牙rdche yarn qubriefly音标antidescribe什么意思中文ty of the fabric. The length of yarn used by thebriefly音标 pylon manufacturer is gbrieflyreater than the length of the fabric, bedescribes翻译cause the wabriefly形容词rp yarn is interwoven and twisted in the fabric after the yarn is constructed. So we call thmethod电影e ratio of the difference to the original length shrinkage. Indicated by a(%).


Heat transfer jacquardmethods ribbon founmeasuring unitd ilanyard loopn daily umethod电影se, warp and wemeasuring unitftmeasuring point yarn shrinkage size, is an important basis for process planning, he has a great impact on the ammanufacturer中文ount of yarnbriefly音标, physical and mmanufacturers是什么意思echanical properties of thshrinkage是什么e fabric and the appearance ofmethods翻译 the fabric. There are many factors affecting shrinkage, suchmeasuring什么意思 as fabric structure, warp and weft yarn raw materialmeasuring and special number, warp and weft yarn density and yarnmanufacturer疫苗 tension in the weaving process, etc., will cause the change of shrinkage.


Heat transfer jacqdescribes怎么读uard ribbon according to experience, analysis of fabric, determination of shrinkage, generally imethodsn the sample edge along the veshrinkage limitctor to take 10cm of fabric length. Mark amethod和way的区别nd cut the edge of the yarn short to reducdescribes怎么读e elongation when the yarn is pulled out of the fabshrinkage limitric. Then qumeasuring glassietly pull the warp out of the sample, holding one end of the yarn with your finger abriefly音标nd quietly pulling tmeasuring glasshe yarn stmethodologiesraight with your other hand. Measure the warp length between the marks with a ruler. After makimeasuring deviceng ten numbers in a row, take their average value and put it into the above formula to gemethod和way的区别t the warp or weft shrinkage value. This method is simple and eashrinkagedsy to use, but the accuracy is poor. The purpose of measuring yarn shrinkage is to calculate the yarn number and the ybriefly翻译arn quantity of the fabric.

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