What should we pay attention to when matching colors?

Lanyard is common, certificate lanyard, label lanyard, the price is low, it can be saiwhatsappd that thematching绝地求生 lanyard is a kind of fast goodswhatever, in the process of production, we need to match the lanyard color, so what should be pawhen的用法id attention to when matching the color?

Theorematchington大厦下载tically, everyone’s percepcolors怎么读tion of color light will have diffematching是什么意思rent sizwhenyouareoldes. Ten people have about one or two different feelings of color light bias, so this person will be easy to dispute with ordinarywhenitcomesto people when color, to ensure the consistency of color condiwhen和while的区别tions and light source, and the influencshoulders的中文是什么e of residual image on continuous color judgment.

When the human eye gazes acolors歌曲t an object for more thanmatchington无限星星 20 seconds, after the object is removed, the human eye will see the residual immatching是什么意思age of the object, and the complementary color of the objectwhat是什么意思翻译‘s color will remainwhen是什么意思 in the human eye for more than 30 secondscolors, thus affecting tcolors12he color matchinwhat怎么读g personnel’s judgment of color. Therefore, attention should be paid to the consistency of surrounding or background color, and put it inwhat什么意思 the center of the background color.

The color matching environment apaypal登录dopts white, grey and blackshoulders的中文是什么 colorless series to prevent the infmatching翻译luence of environmental color on the complementary color of the colomatchington大厦下载r matching person’s eye image. Color matching personnel had better jmatching绝地求生udge the color from light to deep, so as nowhatevertmatchington破解版 to affect the residual complementary color judgment.

Colshouldn’tor can not be careless, we according towhenyouareold the role of the ribbon to match the color, such as certwhateverificate ribbon, this is recommended pure color, cowhat是什么意思翻译lorful is optional, work must not be able to wearattention什么意思中文 this kind of ribbon, need to wear pure color.

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