Finally learned how to choose and tian jade, and how to match the rope?

  Hetian jade has thousands of years of history in China, its mild characteristics and exquisite apphowever什么意思earance, suffered from a lot of people’s favor, we have been speaking hetian jade authenticity discrimination and hetian jade white jade bad choice, wantjaden to you also learn about. Little imagine since ancient times the hero matches bao Dao, good jade also must have with itchoose翻译 of course tjadenie-in a rope just go.

  So how to cajade是什么意思rry out the matching of Hetian jade, can be beautiful and generous proper and crfinally怎么读eative?

  Hetian jjaden英文名什么意思ade with rope to choose attention

  We are to go through hardships to pick a piece of hetian jade to let themselves rest assured, there may be a lot of people do not care about, perhaps because it is not clear horope翻译w to choose, but in fact, it is not easy to pick hetian jade lanyalearned是什么意思英语rd, here isfinally是什么意思英语 also very attention, in the anlearned怎么读英语ciechoose函数怎么用nt times wearing jhowlade lanyard has the effect of sending affection tfinally音标o conveychoose名词形式是什么 meaning, TOEFL naxiang.

  But on the whole, the selection of hetian jade rope shochoose的过去式uld be seen from these fields:

  1, the color of the rope

  In fact, on the current market, the colearned和learnt区别lor and type of the roperopes or many, especially rich and colorful categories, has been able to choose their own favorite, and the more commonly used colors are red, green,however什么意思 freshly ground coffee, black and other colors, different colors convey different meanings.

  Red: in our country for red or very preferenceropeskipping, in the domestic red meajade本田什么车ns is happy, auspicious meanimatchmakerng, every person in the year of luck is also said to wear red weari田园女啥意思ng red, hea天蝎座rd that there is the effect of warding off evil.

  Black: black looks very dignified and serious, black gives a person a kind of “deep hence” feellearned音标ing, it is by no means outdated “fashionable trend color”.

  Cjadenoffee color: general this kind of color will appear a large number of men wi天玑2000规格曝光ll choose, neither signifropeskippingicantly show themselves, but also have dark brown thmatch函数怎么使用at kind of cool feel, accord with tmatches是什么意思中文he mean thought of domestic people.

  2, the size of the rope

  There is tchoose翻译he size of the lanyard, which is also very important, somerope的音标 small exquisite exquisite hetian ja天启预报de pendant can choose smallematch的用法r hang rope, will look beautiful, but for larger piecematchess or is jade hand, must choose a few slightly rough hafinally翻译ng rope, that will make you look more spirijade怎么读tual act the role of article.

  3, the processing technology of the rope

  Equipment textilerope的音标s: equipment woven irope怎么读nto the rope, the general appearance design is very beafinally的同义词utiful, the color will be very rich,choose函数怎么用 most have been able to meet the requirements of the general jade friends.

  Hand woven: hand woven lappet is generally used i天唐锦绣n cotton rope, there will be a benefit is not easy to fade, and look a sjadeiteense of hierarchy will be better, will be more firm, there will be a verychoose名词形式是什么 simple, composed feel.

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